Peach Jam: 17-U Top Performers

Here are the top performers from the Nike Peach Jam. Players such as Kyle Anderson, Julius Randle, and Nerlens Noel led the way for their respective teams.

Size: 7-8/215 |
Quick Take: It was an absolutely dominant event for Anderson. He was amongst the leaders in points, rebounds, and assists, and either recorded a triple-double or was at a near triple-double every single game he played. There was no player that really came close to his overall production, and once and for all Anderson answered every single question about his game and how it projects.

Recruiting: UCLA, St. John's, Seton Hall, Georgetown, Florida

Size: 7-10/205 |
Quick Take:Noel might have been the biggest difference maker at the entire event. His shot blocking was absolutely ridiculous, and it completely changed every game. Teams were scared to enter the lane and shoot, even if he wasn't there, that is how intimidating he was. Also Noel is showing some more offensive game. He might be the best shot blocker since Greg Oden in high school basketball, and some feel he might even be better than Oden was in that regard.

Recruiting: Syracuse, Connecticut, Boston College, Georgetown, North Carolina, Kentucky, Pittsburgh, Duke, Providence, Texas

Size: 7-8/225 |
Quick Take: He is probably the best power forward in the country, and Randle proved it every step away. He was impossible to stop around the rim with his strength and athleticism, and then was also making plays in the mid-range. He is an excellent rebounder, and one of the most competitive kids around. Overall there was no way to even remotely slow him down during the event, and his numbers at times were completely mind boggling.

Recruiting: Texas, Oklahoma, Duke, North Carolina, Texas A&M, Kentucky, Kansas, Ohio State

Size: 6-4/180 |
Quick Take:There might be better scorers, and there might be better defenders, but there might not be someone in the backcourt who is as good on both ends of the floor as Sulaimon. He takes pride in his defense, and then is an absolute sniper from deep on offense. Sulaimon was the best performer for the loaded Houston Hoops backcourt, and was a threat to do something great every time out. Overall his production was impressive and Sulaimon proved to be one of the best in the country.

Recruiting: Committed to Duke

Size: 7-8/215 |
Quick Take: Gordon was the most consistent performer all week for the Oakland Soldiers. He is so skilled for a big man, he can lead the break and then also showed a decent looking jumper out to the mid-range. Add in that he is a big time athlete and plays as hard as anyone in the country, and there is no questioning that he is one of the elite prospects in the 2013 class.

Recruiting: Washington, Arizona, Oregon, Cal, Stanford, USC, Kansas

Size: 6-4/180 |
Quick Take: It is impressive what Goodwin was able to do considering he could only dribble with one hand. His left hand is in a cast from a June wrist injury, yet he still managed to dominate scoring the basketball. Goodwin was unstoppable going to the rim and using his athleticism, and then for good measure was hitting jumpers. It was an impressive overall showing for him.

Recruiting: Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Texas, Baylor, Memphis, North Carolina, Tennessee
Size: 7-7/215 |
Quick Take:Maybe the premier prospects in all of high school basketball, Parker did nothing to hurt his stock in this event. His pull-up jumper is impossible to stop, and then he also complements the shot making without standing passing and a desire to lock people down on defense. The next step is to completely takeover every game, and realize he is the best player on the team, but even by just fitting in he managed to stand out.

Recruiting: Illinois, Ohio State, Duke, BYU, Washington, Michigan State, Kansas, Florida

Size: 6-1/175 |
Quick Take:It is scary to really think about how good Jones is at such a young age. Having a true point guard is the most important thing to winning a team can have, and Jones is one of the best in high school basketball regardless of class. He was beating people off the dribble and making plays in the lane for himself and others, and then also was scoring it well. Overall no one was able to keep Jones in front of them.

Recruiting: Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio State, Kansas

Size: 6-11/170 |
Quick Take: The rise that Artis has made in his game has been impressive. He was the leader on the floor for the Soldiers at all times, and was instrumental in them making the semi-finals. Artis was knocking down shots at a high level, and then also just running the show like a solid point guard should. His stock is on the rise in a big way, and Artis had coaches buzzing with his play.

Recruiting: California, UCLA, Washington State, Florida State, Baylor

Size: 7-8/200 |
Quick Take:All week long Poythress was very impressive with his performances. The athletic forward was hitting his threes and then also doing damage around the rim. At times it seemed that Poythress was having his own personal dunk contest during games he was getting to the basket so easily. With his size, skill, and athleticism more schools are going to be coming into his recruiting picture.

Recruiting: Duke, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Florida, Ohio State, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisville, Texas, Alabama

Size: 7-8/235 |
Quick Take:The big man down low from YOMCA was a force on the glass and on the offensive end. His production was at an extremely high level, and also he brought energy and effort all tournament long. His play was a big reason why YOMCA made it to the finals.

Recruiting: UCLA, Memphis, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee

Size: 7-9/190 |
Quick Take: Johnson was very impressive for the CP3 All-Stars during the event. He is long, athletic, and has a very nice touch in the mid-range. Also he blocks shots, and runs the floor very well. Now he does have to get stronger, but nearly every time out he was a force, and really put up big numbers.

Recruiting: South Carolina, Clemson, Florida, Virginia Tech

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