Davis chooses X

Late on Monday night Xavier scored their third commitment in the 2012 class with shooting guard Myles Davis.

During the Nike Peach Jam Myles Davis said he could possibly select a school on national television if his team made it that far to the finals. That didn't happen, but Davis didn't waste much more time and pulled the trigger on Monday night.

"I didn't see any wrong or negative with Xavier," Davis explained. "It is the top 25 program every year. With Tu (Holloway) leaving that allows me to play. Also they got Dez Wells coming in and Sim (Bhullar) is coming in with me, and a bunch of other guys. It is just the right situation for me."

Davis continued about Xavier, "Coach (Chris) Mack is a cool guy and I have a great relationship with Coach (Rasheen) Davis as well, it is the right place and the schools system in terms of small classes is right for me."

In the end Davis chose Xavier over offers from Pittsburgh and Georgetown. Turning down both of schools was tough for him.

"I had to break it to Brandin (Knight), it was hard," explained Davis. "Pitt has been there for a minute. Brandin is a brother to me, but I know he wouldn't be mad at me. He wants what is best for me."

While Knight and Davis are actually related, turning down Georgetown was tough for a different reason.

"Georgetown was the hardest one," Davis explained. "It was my dream school, but I just had to do it. They offered Kyle Anderson and we have been playing together for a while, it was just hard saying no for all of them."

According to Knight the deciding factor was how Xavier has used their guards in the past and how they have improved in the program.

"Just watching Tu and how he improved it has shown me a lot," said Davis. "He is going to be an All-American seeing him develop was crazy. Also (Mark) Lyons has gotten a lot better, and I think Xavier develops guards like Jordan Crawford. It is all the success and the people they got coming in. It just the best decision for me."

Davis becomes the third commitment for Xavier in the class joining three star prospects Sim Bhullar and James Farr.

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