Four schools doing best job with Hamilton

2013 shooting guard Isaac Hamilton says four schools are doing the best job with him. He talks to about all four programs.

One of the West Coast's top scorers, 6-foot-4, 175-pound 2013 Los Angeles Crenshaw shooting guard Isaac Hamilton has been getting plenty of college attention.

The latest school to offer Hamilton was Washington, but if he could choose one college to add its name to his growing school list, it would be a name further east.

"I'd like to get offered by a school like Kentucky," Hamilton said. "That would be cool."

Hamilton said that Arizona, USC, UCLA and Colorado are the four schools doing the best job with him and broke down what he likes about all four programs.

Arizona: "I really like the coach," said Hamilton. "Just looking at the way they play and how he develops his players. (Arizona) has a lot of NBA players come out of the school and I would hopefully be one of them."

USC: "I like that it's close to home so my family would get to come see me play."

UCLA: "Same thing as USC. It's close to home, great campus, the coaching is good and it's a great environment."

Colorado: "My brother is with the Nuggets now so if I go there I would be with him."

Beyond those schools, Hamilton mentioned Louisville, UConn, Oregon, Washington State, Oregon State, Virginia Tech, Texas and Texas A&M as programs he's hearing from.

After weeks of rumors regarding Hamilton switching high schools, he confirmed that he will in fact be leaving Crenshaw, but isn't sure where he'll be headed to.

"I know that I am leaving Crenshaw, but do not know where I am definitely going yet," he said. "I would say the two schools I am looking at the most right now are (Los Angeles) Westchester and then Grace Prep, which is in Texas.

"I'll decide next month, pretty quick because school is going to start in August now."

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