AAU Day 6, Part A

Kissimmee, FL. – The AAU Nationals is moving from pool play into bracket play, and while many of the top kids are beginning to wear down from the grind of the spring and summer, still there is a lot going on. 2014 center Dakari Johnson proved that he still has a lot left in the tank.

Braxton Ogbueze, PG, Charlotte Royals – Ogbueze had to miss some of the game with an apparent injury, but when he was in, he was extremely difficult to defend. He was making shots at a very high level, and also was getting to the rim. Now he still looks to score first and foremost, but he also did show some court vision as well.

Brannen Greene, SF, Charlotte Royals – Greene now looks comfortable with his new team, and was playing well in a close win. Now he did struggle some with his perimeter shot, but Greene's handle looked much improved, and was doing a good job of getting to the rim.

Dominic Woodson, C, Ray Jackson Rising Stars – Woodson has drawn some definite praise for his play this week. Now he has a huge body, great hands, and also a nice touch when facing the rim. The issue was he really struggled when he caught the ball with his back to the basket. The potential is there because of his raw size and ability to run the floor, but he needs to develop more of a feel for how to score with his back to the basket.

Josh James, SG, New York Gauchos – A tough combo guard, James really put on a show for the Gauchos. He scored at a high rate both by slashing to the rim and because he was hitting shots from deep. Not the biggest player, it would be nice if he developed more as a pure point, but mid-major schools will definitely be taking note of him.

Jordan Fuchs, PF/SF, New York Gauchos – A very impressive athlete, Fuchs made a few impressive plays above the rim with rebounds and dunks. Now he wasn't the most productive player for the Gauchos, but his versatility and natural gifts make him someone who will no doubt catch the eye of many coaches.

Andrew McAuliffe, C, Rising Stars Gold – A big center with a great touch, McAuliffe was very impressive. He scored going over his left shoulder quite a bit, and also hit shots facing the rim. Beyond that he is a heady player who knows how to pass out of the post. McAuliffe isn't the best athlete in the world, but he does get up and down the floor and knows how to put the ball in the basket.

Jairus Lyles, SG, Team Takeover – A scorer, Lyles was getting to the rim and doing his thing for Takeover. On a team loaded with guards, Lyles was the one who really stepped his play up. Now it would be nice to see him step up teammates more as a point guard, but still what he does best is slash to the rim and find a way to change the scoreboard.

Jarquez Smith, PF, Coastal Crew Rebels – There is no doubt that Smith can shoot the ball and is a good athlete. The issue was that he never went near the paint. Right now his offensive game looks to be running to the corner and clapping asking for the basketball. An okay shot blocker, Smith has some presence on the defensive end, but he needs to show more rebounding wise to complement his combination of size and shot making.

Dakari Johnson, C, New York Gauchos – It was an extremely impressive day for Johnson. He was running the floor, rebounding at a high rate, and finishing when he had the opportunity inside. What separates Johnson is his hands and how he is able to snag everything that comes near him. With his natural size and feel for how to play, Johnson is one of the elite prospects in the country.

Rutgers head coach Mike Rice was present for Dakari Johnson as were assistants from Syracuse, Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Florida.

Both Georgia head coach Mark Fox and Georgia Tech head man Brian Gregory were tracking Brannen Greene.

Andrew McAuliffe has offers from Northwestern and Drake. Also interest is coming in from Santa Clara, Ohio, Wisconsin, Davidson, Northern Illinois, and several others.

Jairus Lyles has an offer from Oklahoma State and interest from Georgetown, West Virginia, Virginia, and Wake Forest.

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