Nike Camp Risers

INDIANAPOLIS – Without mentioning most of the elite prospects, we wanted to offer up some names of guys who did a nice job this week at camp and certainly helped themselves and their recruiting. In no particular order, here are some guys we came up with.

Nike Camp Risers

 (In no particular order)

Keith Butler, 2002, C He's a shot-blocker who rebounds. His offense isn't where it needs to be but the old adage about teaching height certainly applies here and it doesn't hurt that Butler is a fine athlete.

Marshall Strickland, 2002, CG He really answered a lot of questions about his game. Yes, he can run the show at the point. Yes, his jumper is there from deep to medium-range. Overall, a vindicating performance. Great kid, very good player.

Brandon Bowman, 2002, SF We told you he was about to have a breakout party and that's what happened. He created a buzz for himself with his shot-making ability and athleticism. Hey, the kid will play some defense too. Not bad for Westchester High School's sixth man.

Tristan Martin, 2002, CG If athleticism were the sole qualification for judging talent, this kid would be a super star. This Canadian on American soil proved that he belongs and can play college basketball. With some grooming, he could be a high-major prospect, but he's at least a mid-major right now.

Yusuf Baker, 2002, PF Rebounding and dunking. Rebounding and dunking. That's what he does well and that's exactly what he did. Baker, who is recovering from knee surgery, was outstanding and if that kind of athleticism comes from surgery then we should all take our places under the knife.

Chris Ellis, 2002, PF In a year where kids with size are at a premium, Ellis played well enough to draw more looks from schools. He was originally thought to be a mid-level kid but he's going to get higher looks than that. Steady rebounder and good size.

Michael Thompson, 2002, C Mike Krzyzewski reportedly had a little chat with him at Duke Camp and we can tell you this: there is a reason why some of these coaches are well paid motivational speakers. To prove it, we submit the rebirth of Michael Thompson. He played like a warrior possessed.

Sam Barber, 2002, SF The Lake Wales (Fla.) standout is a good athlete who was always around the ball making plays and checking his man. He has some bounce and is a nice athlete. He's going to receive his share of interest starting with South Florida.

Delco Rowley, 2002, PF He's a 6-7 ball of energy and he showed that he could shoot it to medium-range. Someone is going to give him a chance because he's a buster. Not the biggest guy, but a kid who finds a way to put it in the basket and is strong enough to hold his position in the post.

Julius Lamptey, 2002, C He's the kid everyone wants to find out more about. He's large at nearly 7-0 and over 300 pounds. He's also going to be the kid whose mailbox fills up while he's gone. He's rather mobile, has some skills and played hard all week long. Very intriguing individual.

Almany Thiero, 2002, PF Nobody knows much about him as he attends Mount Zion, but they'll be looking to find out. He's a little raw but then he'll do something to let you know that he has some skills. At the worst, he's a big-time strong athlete and rebounder.

Wes Wilkinson, 2002, PF Prior to July, only Nebraska knew the kind of player it got in Wilkinson. Now, the rest of the country is jealous. He's a little skinny, but his skill level is super and he's got a chance to really be a fine player in Lincoln. Many majors wish he were still on the market.

Cortez Davis, 2002, SF Not only is he a great athlete, but he's working on that perimeter game which is scary. Davis has no problems getting to the rim and he's tough in transition. A lot of schools will be interested now that he's no longer committed to Maryland.

Eric Wilkins, 2002, CG This was a good week for Wilkins. He really showed that he's an athlete who can score. He's quick with the ball and gets himself some shots. He still needs to redefine that jumper but he really turned some heads.

Richard Chaney, 2002, SG/SF His best performance of the summer. Chaney had college coaches searching for their rosters all week long. At times, he played like he was shot out of a cannon. We aren't sure what got into him, but you can guarantee that he's going to be revising any list he previously had.

Eric Williams, 2002, C He's quickly rising and will be listed as one of the very best centers in the class. The formula is simple: catch, turn and score. Trust me, he's very good at it. We can expect a commitment to come sometime in the near future.

Rashad Anderson, 2002, SG He warned us that he was going to have a big summer and he's off to a great start. He's a shooter capable of going on those big runs. He plays with a purpose and he's looking for more attention. He's about to start getting it.

Mario Moore, 2002, PG Vanderbilt landed itself one fine guard. He's been playing well everywhere he's gone this summer and Nike was no different. He's looking confident and stroking his jumpers. The quickness and speed were never in question.

Eric Hicks, 2002 Athlete We've just gone ahead and created a new position for him. He's not a PF or a SF, he's an athlete. Hicks was a burst of energy, dunking everything he could his hands on. He has a limited offensive game, but loves to rebound and run the floor. Someone will have room for him.

Jeremy Hunt, 2002, CG Nice athlete who is headed to Memphis. He truly looks like a combo guard because he scores yet doesn't neglect his distributing duties. He plays with some savvy and probably will eventually help Memphis at both guard slots.

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