Beilein Fitting Pieces Together

John Beilein is putting together an impressive recruiting class in 2013, and it is full of players who fit what he looks for in his unique system.

It is no secret that John Beilein has one of the more unique offensive and defensive systems in college basketball. Beilein has a specific type of player that he targets for each spot on the floor. In the 2013 class that he has put together, Beilein is showing exactly what he looks for.

For the Michigan Wolverines, they rely on making threes on offense and getting into passing lanes on defense. With that they look for wings with length, forwards who can play inside and out, and a point guard who can run the show and do a little bit of everything. Never is that more evident than in the 2013 class that they have put together.

On the wing Michigan has Zak Irvin from Fishers (IN) Hamilton Southeastern. The 6-foot-6 Irvin is a taller wing who has extremely long arms. While in a man-to-man defensive system, Irvin uses his length to help be a lock down defender, in the zone scheme that Beilein employs, he will be a pest in passing lanes and create turnovers.

On top of that Irvin is a very good shooter, especially off the catch. Irvin has great range on his jumper, extending well out past the three point line, and also is a solid mid-range shooter. While he doesn't create very well off the dribble, Irvin can shoot over smaller guards, and that is what Beilein looks for in his system.

Much of the same can be said about the other wing commitment that Beilein reeled in, in the 2013 class, Austin Hatch. Hatch is a knockdown shooter who at 6-foot-6 has the size that Beilein likes. While Hatch isn't a great athlete, in the system employed, his length combined with Irvin's would really crowd the floor for drivers.

Unfortunately a plane crash suffered right before July has Hatch fighting for his life, but on the floor he is someone that really fit the system.

Up front Beilein likes players who can play facing the rim and have the ability to really shoot the basketball. Everyone remembers Kevin Pittsnogle not only for his unique name, but for the way he shot the ball during the NCAA Tournament, helping a Beilein led team to a deep run. Now in 2013 Michigan has Mark Donnal.

Donnal is a skilled power forward with a great looking stroke out to the three point line. Also he has enough offensive versatility in his game to take a bigger stronger player off the dribble. This is important because Donnal isn't a great rebounder. Rebound margin has never been a focus of the Beilein system, so once again Donnal's skill set shows exactly what he is looking for in a forward.

Finally Michigan got the point guard needed as well. First and foremost it needs to be an intelligent player, and one who can push the pace as well as make shots and set up the offense. Beilein saw Derrick Walton as the perfect fit, and once again he was able to reel in a commitment.

Walton was one of the best point guards all summer long running with the Michigan Mustangs, and showed the basketball IQ and natural scoring ability to be an impact player. Seeing himself fitting into the Michigan system, Walton pulled the trigger right after the July evaluation period.

Not everyone fits into the system being employed at Michigan and with that they recruit a little differently, but it is clear that the 2013 class is full of prospects who will deliver exactly what the Wolverines are looking for with their combination of size, skill, and feel for how to play.

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