Top Performers: 2nd Evaluation Period, Part A

While out during the second July evaluation period, I spent time at a handful of events in Las Vegas, as well as the Super Showcase and AAU Nationals. Who were the top standouts?

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Size: 7-6/230 |
Quick Take: There aren't many guys that made the statement that Niang did this past spring and summer. Niang was flat out dominant at times and was BABC's most consistent performer throughout their tournament runs in July. He knows how to score around the basket and has developed a handful of moves that are tough to stop. He'll jump into's post-July rankings when they are released in August.

Committed: Iowa State

Size: 6-5/205 |
Quick Take: In the championship game of the Super Showcase, Harrison dominated the competition. In fact, Harrison showed it all offensively and scored it at all three levels. His scoring package from the perimeter is impressive because of his ability to attack the basket, as well as shoot it from long and mid-range. Harrison is a competitive two-guard that ranks among the top overall scorers in the class of 2013.

Recruiting: Kentucky, Maryland, Villanova, Texas and Baylor

Size: 6-1/165 |
Quick Take: Without Frankamp the KC Pump N' Run squad wouldn't have run through the 16's division at the Super 64. Frankamp, who pledged to Kansas mid-July, was consistent in his effort and shot the ball at a particularly high level throughout the event. On top of his shooting ability, Frankamp is a steady ball handler that created shot opportunities for his teammates.

Committed: Kansas

Size: 6-11/170 |
Quick Take: What a difference a month makes. At NBA Camp, Felix was just so-so, but in Las Vegas, Felix turned it up a notch. Every time he stepped on the floor he seemed to score 20 plus and broke the 30-point mark a few times. Felix was steady, lead his team and shot the ball from three and an extremely high level. In a class searching for lead guards, Felix is certainly one stepping up late.

Recruiting: Texas, Notre Dame, Baylor, Miami, Texas A&M and LSU

Size: 6-3/175 |
Quick Take: There wasn't a lead guard that improved their stock more in July. Sure he's already recognized as a four-star prospect, but Dunn is a guy that is now in contention for the top point guard spot. His physical attributes are impressive and his athleticism and speed are things that jump out about him. Throw in his vision and passing ability and Dunn is a lead guard that is improving at just the right time. Drummond is the big name on CBC, but Dunn is the emerging one.

Recruiting: Connecticut, Providence, Louisville and Marquette

Size: 6-4/180 |
Quick Take: One of the best guards in the 2014 class, Russell was up to his old tricks in Las Vegas. He built his reputation throughout the spring and seems to keep getting better. He's capable of playing either guard position at the high major level. His vision is among his best attributes, as his shot making ability from behind the three-point stripe. The southpaw is playing with confidence and it shows on the court.

Recruiting: Louisville, Xavier, Kentucky, Indiana, Purdue, Ohio State

Size: 6-4/200 |
Quick Take: Just as he did in 2010, Smart led the Texas Assault to another Super 64 championship. He's not the most skilled or more athletic, but he's almost always the toughest dude on the floor and there's something to be said about that. He rebounds, defends and scores by attacking the rim. He's a five-star prospect and a guy that will win a significant amount of games in college.

Recruiting: Entire Big 12, North Carolina

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