Top Performers: 2nd Evaluation Period Part B

Here is a look at the top 10 performers during the second period of July which included the AAU Super Showcases down in Orlando and the Gym Rats Nationals in Ft. Wayne.

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Size: 7-7/215 |
Quick Take:When nearly every other prospect was tired, Parker still looked fresh and on top of his game. He was absolutely dominant on the offensive end scoring at will from every level on the court, and then locked down on defense. There just haven't been many better prospects in recent memory than Parker.

Recruiting: Illinois, Ohio State, Duke, BYU, Washington, Michigan State, Kansas, Florida

Size: 6-4/190 |
Quick Take: Harris was absolutely on top of his game during the final part of July. He excelled in high profile matchups both in Ft. Wayne and in Orlando. An athletic shooting guard, Harris' outside shot is also improving and is one of the best defensive players in the country.

Recruiting: Indiana, Purdue, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Louisville

Size: 6-8/150 |
Quick Take:He is one of the shortest players in the country, but at the same time he is proving to be one of the best. Carr is absolutely impossible to keep from getting to the rim, and also can really shoot the ball from deep. Add in that he is an excellent athlete, and Carr was a scoring machine all week long down in Orlando.

Recruiting: Maryland, Baylor, Missouri

Size: 7-10/245 |
Quick Take:There is only so much more you can say about McGary at this point. He has had an incredible summer. McGary finished things off in style by dominating at the Super Showcase. He was impossible to stop on the block, and then also showed his nice face up game as well. With every coach in the country watching, McGary did not disappoint.

Recruiting: Michigan, Maryland, Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, Texas, Indiana

Size: 7-10/205 |
Quick Take:Noel wasn't quite as dominant in Orlando as he was at the Peach Jam during the first evaluation period, but still he was excellent. He is far and away the best shot blocker in the country, and showed some offensive ability as well. While he still needs to add strength, he completely changes the game even when he doesn't score because of how he defends the rim.

Recruiting: Syracuse, Connecticut, Boston College, Georgetown, North Carolina, Kentucky, Pittsburgh, Duke, Providence, Texas

Size: 7-8/225 |
Quick Take: Finding a flaw in Randle's game isn't the easiest thing in the world to do. He handles the ball very well for a forward, is a good passer, and has developed range to the three point line. Still Randle makes his biggest impact by using his size and strength down low, and unlike many prospects he prides himself on being physical and dominating on the block.

Recruiting: Texas, Oklahoma, Duke, North Carolina, Texas A&M, Kentucky, Kansas, Ohio State

Size: 7-8/205 |
Quick Take: Arguably the premier player in North America in the 2014 class, Wiggins played at the 16-and under level and simply dominated. He got to the rim at will, and used his big time athleticism to finish in style. Add in that his jumper was working, and Wiggins was impossible to stop for CIA Bounce.

Recruiting: Florida State, USC, Duke, North Carolina

Size: 7-6/205 |
Quick Take: For the first time all summer Ojeleye played with his age group, and he led them to a title. A physical specimen, Ojeleye is skilled on the wing and also capable of dominating down low. Ojeleye showed toughness all event long in Ft. Wayne, and put his team on his back on they won the title.

Recruiting: Kansas State, Wisconsin, Oregon State, Oklahoma State, UCLA, Marquette
Size: 6-2/ |
Quick Take: As CIA Bounce recovered from a huge early deficit in the 16-and under Showcase title game, it was Ennis who made the difference. A point guard with a great feel for how to play the game, Ennis dominated with his ability to pass, and then made open shots when defenders sagged off of him to keep him out of the lane. Ennis proved himself to be one of the best point guards in the country during his time in Orlando.

Recruiting: Louisville, Seton Hall, Rutgers, West Virginia, Iowa State, Rice, Kansas, Georgia Tech

Size: 7-8/210 |
Quick Take:With his size, Hicks is so explosive and so strong that he can be very tough to defend. Add in that he runs very well for a big man, and has some skill in the mid-range, and it is easy to see why coaches love his upside. The next step is to dominate every time out, but he did enough in Orlando to really make people take notice.

Recruiting: North Carolina, North Carolina State, Xavier, Clemson, Wake Forest, Louisville

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