Parker talks about process

As the best player in high school basketball Jabari Parker delivered in a big way this summer.

For the nation's No. 1 prospect, Jabari Parker, the recruiting process is just beginning. Parker is going to be one of the most heavily recruited players in sometime. With his size, athleticism, and skill combined with being an excellent student, Parker has exactly what coaches are looking for.

After finishing out his summer with back-to-back 30 point performances, Mac Irvin Fire head coach Mike Irvin said, "(Parker) is the best high school prospect I have ever seen, and I have been doing this for 20 years."

Overall it was a busy and impressive summer for Parker. He played for Team USA and was named MVP. Also he led his AAU team deep into many tournaments and individually he put on a show for coaches and scouts alike.

"The experience overall was great," said Parker. "This was the first July that I was completely healthy to play, and I think I had good success. Coach Mike (Irvin) gave me nice exposure in good tournaments. It has just been real fun."

Parker is currently rated as the No. 1 prospect in the 2013 class and is being called arguably the best prospect in the country regardless of class. While those are bold statements, it isn't something that Parker shies away from, he embraces that people are fond of his game.

"It is just a great accomplishment," said Parker. "I just thank the people who look at my talent and enjoy it. I am just very glad that people think so highly of me."

One thing that is interesting about the 2013 class is that Julius Randle and Nerlens Noel are right on Parker's heels for the top spot. For Parker that is just one more thing that motivates him to keep on improving and getting better.

"I pay attention to them and what they are doing because I am working for that No. 1 spot as well," Parker explained. "If I am not in the gym or working harder than them there is no reason for me to be out here. I set goals and try to work as hard as possible. Those guys push me and make me work hard and bring the best out of me."

For a while it seemed that Parker was set on five schools. Consistently Illinois, Washington, Duke, Kansas, and Michigan State were getting mention from him. Now however he has expanded his list to let other schools in.

"As a sophomore having a top five, it is just too quick," Parker explained. "It was just that those schools were the ones highly recruiting me. I decided to make it known that it wasn't narrowed down to those five schools. Just opening it up, I could see which colleges wanted me and see all of my options."

One of the interesting things that Parker did when expanding his list is along with traditional powers like North Carolina, Ohio State, and Connecticut, he also included BYU. A member of the LDS Church, Parker has a tie to BYU, but also says that it is a basketball related decision.

"I just saw Jimmer (Fredette) and how he did out there and how he played, why not consider one of those schools," said Parker. "I also saw San Diego State and Kawai Leonard and he was a first round pick as well, so I just figured I might as well look at a school like BYU."

While Parker is paying attention to his recruitment, don't think a decision is coming any time in the near future.

"I have to deal with the recruiting a lot right now, but I am not focusing on it now," said Parker. "I will focus on it during my senior year, but there is no reason to really focus on it too much right now."

For now Parker is just about basketball and will take close at the recruiting later. While it is unknown where he will end up, what is known is that school will be getting a talent that doesn't come around very often.

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