Keatts To Return To Hargrave

This week, one of the most successful prep school coaches of the past five years will return to his roots. Marshall assistant coach Kevin Keatts is returning to Hargrave as the head coach.

Keatts To Rejoin Hargrave

Some people have a passion for high school basketball. Others are drawn to the college game. Kevin Keatts? He's a prep school guy.

"Is an unbelievable opportunity and I like the reward of the prep school as far as kids qualifying and making it to college," Keatts said of his return to Hargrave Military Academy. "The reward of working with prep school kids is really attractive."

Keatts will officially take over the reigns at Hargrave later this week. He spent the past two seasons at Marshall as an assistant coach and recruiter. Now, he returns to the school he coached at as a head coach for two years and assistant for two seasons.

So, why leave Marshall and the college gig for the prep school ranks now? "I think now I can offer both sides of it where most of the prep school coaches have never been college coaches. I can speak to them on the academic side and what it takes to be a college basketball player. We've got a great program here at Hargrave."

And a track record of winning results under Keatts. He went 47-4 in two seasons as the head coach and set the school gold standard in a season with a 27-1 record his final year at Hargrave.

"I think we have a chance to be good [next year]. I've always said that if we went 30-0 and all of the kids didn't qualify it wouldn't be a good season. I want all of the kids to make it to where they want to go."

"If you come to Hargrave, you're going to qualify. You're going to get better, you'll be a better person and you'll qualify."

And, you'll probably win a few games along the way.

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