McGary narrows his list

Five-star big man Mitch McGary has now narrowed his list to six schools.

With the blowup of Mitch McGary complete, he has narrowed down his entire offer list to a manageable list of six. With nearly every school in the country after him, it wasn't easy for McGary to get to the number, but with the help of AAU Coach Wayne Brumm he was able to narrow things down.

"Mitch is down to Duke, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, and North Carolina," said Brumm.

Brumm went into detail about each of the six schools and what helped them make the cut.

Duke: Duke in particular has come at him very hard after they saw him play at LeBron. Mike (Krzyzewski) has been at a lot of his games. They really ratcheted it up and let him know how much they want him, and honestly Duke is Duke.

Florida: Florida has had success with other bigs. Billy (Donovan) has done a great job of describing how he sees Mitch's abilities and how he would play Mitch. He is spot on in terms of what he sees from Mitch at Florida. Everybody loves Mitch and wants Mitch, but talking specifics, Billy has done a great job. Guards start with the ball, but a big can be utilized by different programs, and Billy has been real vocal with what he sees there.

Kentucky: Kentucky has a great track record of getting guys into the league. Playing such a style that helps them get to the next level. I am not saying Mitch is a one and done, that depending on what he does when he does get to college, and that will dictate when he leaves, but it is obvious that they don't stand in a kid's way when he is ready. That is something that is attractive.

Maryland: Turgeon is kind of basketball guru, he loves to work on fundamentals and individual development. Everyone says Mitch will be a pro, but there is a big difference between being a pro and being a long time pro. Mitch has a lot of raw talent. He has a lot of talent right now but there is a lot of improvement, and guys like Turgeon are guys that can help him get better and reach his potential.

Michigan: Michigan does a lot with their interior players. They involve their post and their four a lot in their offense, and do things that others don't let them do. That is attractive since they allow them to show their overall game.

North Carolina: North Carolina has J.P. Tokoto and Marcus Paige, he has played with those guys and North Carolina is North Carolina. A year ago we didn't realize that he was at this level. We had our thoughts that he could be, but to have offers from these schools is a good confirmation of where he is at, and like with Duke, North Carolina is North Carolina.

At this point in time McGary's plan is to take his official visits before deciding on which school to ultimately attend.

Currently McGary is the No. 4 player in the class, but there is a very good chance he will go even higher when the rankings are updated.

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