Singletary Starting To Narrow Focus

Sean Singletary has already taken home MVP trophies from three events this spring. The stellar student-athlete has a list of five and three he's looking at very strongly.

Sean Singletary's a pretty amazing kid. For starters, he's both a football player and big time basketball standout. But, before the sports enter the picture, it must be understood that Singletary is every bit the student that he is player.

He's got a great handle on his recruitment.

"I want a chance to come in and be an impact player," Singletary said. "I want a chance to start and work for my position. That's the best position I can be in as a freshman."

The MVP of an event run by Sam Rines was also the top player at the Playaz Spring Fling and the Hoop Group Jamfest has his list whittled down to five schools: North Carolina State, Virginia, Rutgers, Indiana and Ohio State.

Taking it a step further, he's got a select three right now. "My top three are Virginia, NC State and Rutgers. I like those coaches the most right now."

Singletary would love to do some officials this spring, but it's hectic. "That's the problem. I can't find time. I don't know if I can find the time to take any spring visits."

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