adidas ABCD Camp Report

TEANECK – Simply put, the adidas ABCD Camp is loaded. There are great matchups galore and the players are seemingly rising to the occasion. Aside from the obvious LeBron vs. Lenny showstopper, here are some other top performers from Tuesday's sessions.


Chalk up another commitment for Rick Pitino. At a presser on the FDU campus, SF Francisco Garcia declared his intention to attend Louisville. If you are scoring at home, we've had a commitment each day of the period.

2002 Top Performers

Raymond Felton, PG OK, it was fun debating whom the top point guard in this class is. However, there really isn't much of a debate. Unless SG/PG/SF/Superman (aka LeBron James) enrolls in school as a member of the Class of 2002, Felton is clearly the dominant player at his position in the Class of 2002. He played against Anthony Roberson today and while Roberson battled and scored his share of points, there was no stopping Felton. His strength is a major advantage and he's distanced himself from the rest of the pack.

Chris Bosh, PF You want athleticism? Bosh has it. How about height? He's got that too. How about a guy who can block shots? Done deal. Bosh was all of those things and more on Tuesday. Just when we thought he was spending too much time outside, he settled into the post and did some damage.

Daniel Horton, PG It's time we started recognizing Horton as one of elite PGs in his class. He's very smooth when he's running the show. He kind of combines the leadership of a Sean Dockery with the quicks of a Dee Brown and the shot-making ability of say Chris Rodgers. He's one of the very best. After Felton, you can just about pick from a small group of guys and Horton is in that group.

Sani Ibrahim, PF Size and skill. That's Sani in a nutshell. For a kid who has only been playing in the States for two years, he's scary good. To be able to shoot with touch like he does and then also mix it up inside is an awesome. Toss in the fact that he challenges anything within reason and you have a great player.

Adam Haluska, SG/SF While LeBron James and Lenny Cooke were engaged in combat, Haluska was drilling jump shots from all over the court. He looked fantastic. He was connecting off the bounce from deep and especially mid-range where he looks almost too comfortable. Iowa State has itself a winner here.

2003 Top Performers

Leon Powe, PF How tall is he? Probably no more than 6-7 and he could be 6-6 but it matters little. Powe has hands the size of Elton Brand and is loaded with athleticism and explosion. I wouldn't know how to describe the drive and dunk he had in the showcase game on Tuesday. He's an elite level junior.

Kendrick Perkins, PF First of all, let's clear something up. He's not 6-11. Maybe 6-9 but probably a little closer to 6-8. Does it matter? Not one bit. This is a skilled kid who already has a jumphook, solid footwork and a frame most kids would kill for.

Chris Taft, C This kid played with intensity. He also played with skill. Taft is going to be on everyone's hit list and soon. He had some sweeping moves to the hoop that were just awesome for a kid his size. The finishes were definitive and extremely strong.

Elijah Clark, SF We saw him in Atlanta a few weeks ago and he was good. But, he was playing with a new AAU team and might have been experiencing some "get-to-know-you" jitters. At adidas, he seems to have acquainted himself well with the rims and his teammates. He was drilling 3s and exploding to the hole.

Dwayne Day, SF OK, I admit it. I had never heard of him before. But, I know his name by heart now. Day made a play every time I glanced his way. It was like clockwork. I look over, he scores. I look back over, he makes something happen. He's a good athlete and one to watch.

2004 Watchlist

Jason Horton, PG The brother of Michigan-bound PG Daniel Horton won't be paying for college either. For a kid this young, he's extremely poised and should be a great leader if he isn't heading that way already. Love his pull-up jumper on the move.

Darius Washington, PG Some guys will miss a shot and worry about letting it fly the next time out. Not Washington. He has no remorse for his misses and they were few on Tuesday. He's a creative scorer who will pop the 3 but also shoot floaters on the go.

This & That

PG Todd Galloway, a member of the Baltimore Select Team, had a great game in the one we watched. He has plenty of offense and a strong frame. … PG/SG Michael Ford shot the ball well but more surprising, he passed the ball too. This on the heels of a performance in the Atlanta Basketball Classic were he mistook the" point" in point guard to mean "score and fire up ill-advised shots" instead of lead the attack. He was good on Tuesday.

West Coast PG Armando Surrat won over some admirers with his quickness. … Richard Law, one of the guys we told you to watch for this summer, had a huge afternoon. College recruiters are beginning to fall in love with him. … Randy Foye, a scorer from Jersey, put up big points in the afternoon session. … Former Dajaun Wagner teammate Eric Davis, is a 5th year student. He's also becoming a darn good player and is showing even more promise than what he flashed at the end of his senior season. …

Alex Carmona is 36-0 in boxing matches which have taken place in Puerto Rico. However, now he's in the States and he's hooping it up instead of duking it out. Carmona is a battler. Not real skilled, but he'll fight you. Sometimes, his jumpers look great but at other times not so good. Regardless, he's a buster and we'd take him. … SF Nik Caner-Medley runs the floor and dunks like few others can. Great day for the prospect from Maine. … Forward Curtis Sumpter looked really comfortable on offense today and as a result played very well.

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