Gist Looking At Three

Good Counsel big man James Gist's star is on the rise. He's exceeding his own expectations and already has a top three list of schools.

When you play like you're shot out of a cannon, people notice. James Gist's unique style of rebounding and attacking the rim wasn't concocted on the fly; it's been ingrained in him for a while.

"I guess I can say that I'm the type of person that always wants to be where the ball is and wherever the ball is I'm determined to go get it," Gist remarked. "I was always taught to go to the front of the rim when the ball is shot. Now, I know where it hits and where it'll come off."

The 2004 big man is having a very good spring. So good that he's got offers from Maryland, Virginia and Providence, his top three schools. He's already been unofficially to Providence and Maryland. He'd like to take some official visits, but can't because he isn't scheduled to take the SAT until June.

As for his spring performances, Gist is pleased. "I think I probably exceeded my own expectations but it feels good so I'll keep trying to exceed them.

"I'm doing better with my back to the basket and I'm doing better going to the basket. I'm starting to develop a jump hook and that's a big help. It's not consistent but I'm still working on it."

We asked Gist what would be important in making a decision and this is what he said: "Being in a comfortable environment. I want to be on a team where there are good people and they care."

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