Longrus looking at three

Richard Longrus has narrowed his school list to a few Pac-12 programs, with another school hanging around. He tells Scout.com who remains involved in his recruitment.

Since AAU season has ended, 6-foot-6, 210-pound Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O'Dowd power forward Richard Longrus has been able to narrow his list down to three schools, with one other program still hanging around.

"I've mainly been talking to Stanford, Colorado and Washington State," Longrus said. "I guess you could it's just those three. I'm not talking with other schools really seriously other than those three right now, although I have been talking to Utah a little bit lately too."

Up next for Longrus will be visits, and he's working on setting up a date for one of them.

"I'll probably officially visit Colorado the 17th of September or the 1st of October," Longrus said. "I'll go up to Washington State too. I literally live 15 minutes from Stanford so I doubt I take an official there, but I'll probably take them to Washington State and Colorado."

Longrus says that all three schools are even at this point and he'll use visits to help determine the best place for him.

"I'm just going through the process but I don't see it going past November," he said. "It will just come down to coaching. Stanford is a little different because I need to go through admissions but it will come down to how I feel. I'll wait until late October or November, see how I feel and then make a decision."

The forward said that getting accepted into Stanford - he hopes to hear back from admissions in the next couple of weeks - would have an impact on his recruitment.

"Yeah it would because I live 15 minutes away and always wanted to go there as a kid," he said. "But as of now I'm not making any decisions, all the schools are even and I haven't gotten through admissions."

Longrus broke down the three schools on his list and what he likes about each of them:

Stanford: "I love the coaching staff; they've been there since the beginning. I always wanted to go there as a kid and it's one of the top academic schools in the country. I've been up there to play with them a few times. Those are some of the things I like the most."

Colorado: "They've been there since the beginning too. I love the coaches. I know a couple other guys considering them so I could be able to go play with guys I've known a while. Also, their track record with three men is good and that's always attractive too."

Washington State: "I like the coaches; I could come in and get playing time as a freshman. Like Colorado, their track record with three men is good; they develop them and get them to the league, so that's real attractive."

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