Woodson sees recruitment expand

Dominic Woodson is now a hot commodity in the class of 2013 with his natural skill set and ability to score down low.

One of the breakout stars during the month of July was class of 2013 center Dominic Woodson. The 6-foot-9 and 250 pounder showed a nice scoring touch and great hands working his way into the top 100. Now the four-star big man is set to have a big season at Saxtons River (VT) Vermont Academy.

Before July, Woodson wasn't a household name, but now he is. In Orlando at the AAU nationals he really began to draw praise and attention from college coaches, and he says it is because of the goals that he and his team set out to accomplish during the summer.

"I felt like me and my team accomplished our goals," said Woodson. "My main goal was to get better, and I think that is what I did, and we did as a team."

For Vermont Academy Head Coach Jesse Bopp, he knew he was getting a good player in Woodson, but he wasn't sure how good until he got to campus.

"I hadn't seen him play until he was on campus," said Bopp. "What I have seen from him is his level of strength and how it works in his game. Strength is a big part of his game, and I think he is pretty good with his back to the basket. Now he can float outside a little bit, and he can shoot, but I think right now he is so good through contact with his post game, it is an advantage for him to be down low."

Bopp continued, "To me he is really good. I think he can be a top 40 kid, but he has a lot to prove. In this region there are a lot of big time players and he will have the opportunity to prove himself, and we will see how he stacks up."

Woodson says since he got back from Orlando numerous schools have been showing him significant attention.

"It has been crazy," said Woodson of his recruitment exploding. "People have been calling my coach, and then I have been talking to Louisville, Florida, Maryland, Texas, TCU, Michigan, Michigan State, and Memphis."

Bopp added, "He was at Oklahoma the Sunday before he came and they offered on the visit. He has been to Texas a few times being from Austin, Indiana has called, Michigan has spoken to me, Florida and Louisville are involved, TCU has offered, Texas Tech has offered, Michigan State has offered, Maryland has offered."

Even with the explosion of interest, Woodson says it isn't going to change the way he works, in fact he will only work harder now.

"It makes me want to keep working harder," Woodson explained. "I have a lot of colleges recruiting me, but it isn't like I am in college yet. They play hard in college, so I know I have to work harder to get where I need to be."

That hard work is going to take place nearly 2,000 miles from his home in Austin, Texas. Living in the Northeast and being from the Midlands, it has been an adjustment for Woodson, but one he is ready for.

"It is a challenge for me, but it is the right thing for my education and for my basketball skills," said Woodson. "This is going to let me get better and make me work hard every day."

One of the changes for Woodson will be the way Vermont Academy does things academically. According to Bopp he has classes on Saturdays, and that will make taking unofficial visits a bit more challenging during the school year.

"There hasn't been any talk of that yet," said Bopp of unofficial visits. "We have classes on Saturday, so it is tough, but if the school feels like he is in a good spot academically then we will make sure he gets to where he needs to go."

For now there is no timetable or plan in place for a decision, but when the time comes, Woodson does know what he will be looking for in a school.

"I am looking for a school with a good graduation rate, a good basketball program, and somewhere with my major which is kinesiology," said Woddson.

Curently Woodson is the No. 87 prospect in the class of 2013.

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