ABCD Underclassmen All-Star Game

TEANECK, N.J. – Stephon Marbury, Kobe Bryant, Donnell Harvey and Rashard Lewis were present at camp Wednesday night. Well, sort of. None of them actually attended the underclassmen all-star game, but we got a chance to relive their adidas experience through the games of four players.

James, Telfair Take Home Honors

As the clock expired and the buzzer sounded at Fairleigh Dickinson, PG Darius Washington's 3-pointer drew iron, but too much of it and the White team knocked off a game Red squad 119-118. That's right, a one-point affair, an unheard of result as all-star games go. While it didn't really matter who won or lost, the game did feature a number of players who resemble former adidas campers and current NBA players.

Sophomore PG Sebastian Telfair (playing the role of Stephon Marbury) and junior superstar LeBron James (Kobe Bryant) were the headliners who didn't disappoint. Neither did the Red's PF Leon Powe (Donnell Harvey) and PF Charlie Villanueva (Rashard Lewis) of the White.

Let's start with Telfair. In a masterful performance, he made 12-15 from the floor and 5-7 from downtown. Dewayne Green was checking him for most of his 29 points and let's be honest, Green is one of the better defenders in his class. Telfair gave it to him left and right. Toss in the fact that he had 7 assists and you begin to see the kind of dazzling performance he pieced together. Be it crossover dribbles, long-range bombs or finding cutters with slick passes in the paint, Telfair played to the crowd and set the tone.

Meanwhile, while Telfair was having his way, James was in the process of scoring a team-high 21 points to go along with 7 assists of his own. There's no need to get into the superlatives, just understand that no one combines the athleticism, passing skills and savvy for the game the way James does.

James' sidekick was Powe. Like Donnell Harvey, Powe impacts games, even all-star games, designed to showcase players who have the ball in their hands more frequently. However, players like Harvey and Powe are big-time because they thrive all the time, not just when it's convenient. Powe combines superior rebounding skills ala Harvey, with a better touch than the former Atlanta Celtics star. He's a monster and he's only a junior.

Villanueva was not to be outdone. His 21 points and 10 rebounds marked the lone double double in the contest. His points came from all over the place. There were dunks off misses, drives in the paint and even two jumpers from downtown. His athleticism and size are scary and on a floor with more than its fair share of future pros, Villanueva demanded attention.

Underclassmen Linescore

RED – LeBron James 22, Leon Powe 21, Darius Washington 14, Jason Thomas 11, Marquis Webb 9, Trevor Ariza 8, Joe Cameron 8, Eric Price 7, Will Sheridan 5, Marcus Sikes 5, Chris Taft 4, Richard Cobbs 2, Dewayne Green 2, Jamarcus Ellis 0.

WHITE – Sebastian Telfair 29, Charlie Villanueva 21, Artie Bowers 16, Darryl Watkins 14, Travis Outlaw 13, Michael Williams 8, Joshua Smith 8, Jackie Butler 4, Earl Risby 4, Vern Hamilton 2, John Winston 0, Omar Wilkes 0, Jason Horton 0.

Selected to play but did not participate: Byron Davis, David Padgett, Brandon Jenkins, Olu Famutimi, Kendrick Perkins, Ekene Ibekewe.

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