Final Rankings 2003: Centers

It's the final rankings for the class of 2003. The centers have one truly elite player at the top, and then some who have a chance to be very good centers on the college level...

1) David Padgett, 6-10 Reno (Nev.) High
2) Liam Hughes, 7-0 Modesto (Calif.) Modesto Christian
3) Ray Schafer, 6-10 Wasilla (Alaska) High
4) Mitch Platt, 6-9 Las Vegas (Nev.) Green Valley
5) Stefan Zimmerman, 6-10 Orem (Utah) Mountain View
6) Rodney Timmerman, 6-10 Paso Robles (Calif.) High
7) Hans Gasser, 6-8 Issaquah (Wash.) High
8) Mike White, 6-8 Watsonville (Calif.) Monte Vista Christian
9) Jarrod Boswell, 6-10 Lakeside (Calif.) El Capitan
10) Vince Scott, 6-9 Phoenix (Ariz.) Greenway

Other Centers of Note:

Maurice Shaw, 6-8 Tacoma (Wash.) Lincoln
Igor Fishbeyn, 6-9 San Francisco (Calif.) Lincoln
Marcus Isaac, 6-9 Peoria (Ariz.) High
Reggie Jackson, 6-8 Denver (Col.) Montbello
Andrew Bruckner, 6-8, Valencia (Calif.) High
Clay Cruse, 6-9 Arvada (Col.) High
Levar Halsell, 6-9 San Leandro (Calif.) High
Zach Proett, 6-9 Spokane (Wash.) Mt. Spokane
Simon Knight, 6-8 Berkeley (Calif.) St. Mary's
Travon Free, 6-6 Compton (Calif.) Dominguez
Josh Love, 6-8 Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach
Corey Lowe, 6-7 San Francisco (Calif.) Sacred Heart Cathedral
Garrick McDowell, 6-11 Gridley (Calif.) High
Charles Woodruff, 6-9 Portland (Ore.) Roosevelt
Michael Thompson, 6-8 Bakersfield (Calif.) East Bakersfield
Tim Krug, 6-8 Chandler (Ariz.) Valley Christian
Kenny Crockett, 6-8 Las Vegas (Nev.) Western
Mike Weitzeil, 6-8 Orem (Utah) Timpanogos
Jason Mgebroff, 6-9 Tacoma (Wash.) Kentwood
Mario Avery, 6-9 Lancaster (Calif.) Quartz Hill

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