Bridgewater gains attention

Brian Bridgewater is a very productive power forward who has numerous schools showing him attention.

At 6-foot-6 and 230 pounds, Brian Bridgewater is one of the more imposing players in the class of 2013. The athletic and strong power forward more than makes up for his lack of ideal height with the way he plays. All summer long he was very productive, and now his recruitment is beginning to pick up.

Playing with the loaded Houston Hoops squad all summer, Bridgewater was often the tallest player on the floor for the Hoops, but still managed to show well for himself.

"I got to play against some of the top players in the nation and had three of the top guards in the nation on my team so it was real good," said Bridgewater. "I kind of had to play out of position, but it was okay."

When it comes to his recruitment, many high level schools are taking a keen interest in what Bridgewater can bring to the table.

"Arizona, Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, LSU, Marquette, and Purdue are some of the schools recruiting me but there are a lot," he said.

Of those schools Bridgewater feels that three are showing him the most interest.

"Arizona, Oklahoma, and Marquette seem to really want me," said Bridgewater.

About the Wildcats, he said, "They have three seniors graduate when I am a senior in high school so there is a good chance for me to come in and play right away, so I will be able to come in and get minutes. Also they have the number one recruiting class in 2012 which is pretty big for me. I want to be on a team that competes for a national championship."

Also the Oklahoma Sooners have been showing him a lot of attention and he likes his opportunity at the school.

"Oklahoma wants me to come in and play right away very quickly," he explained. "They really want me and they have a good coaching staff."

Even though they are a relative newcomer to the list, Marquette has made it very clear to Bridgewater that he is a priority for them.

"Marquette is someone new who recently came in about a month ago," said Bridgewater. "They haven't told me a lot about the school, but they want me to come in and play right away and I think I fit their style."

For now Bridgewater is in no hurry and while he playing football on Friday's, he hopes to make some unofficial visits in the near future, though none have been scheduled. When the time however does come for him to make a decision, Bridgewater knows what he will be looking for.

"The academics are very important, style of play, and just if I want to go away from home or if I want to stay close," explained Bridgewater.

Currently Bridgewater is the No. 17 power forward in the class and the No. 67 player overall.

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