Iowa accomplishes goal with Woodbury

This has been a long time coming, and a huge commitment for the Iowa Hawkeyes.

When Fran McCaffery got the job at Iowa his job on the recruiting trail was fairly defined. He knew not only did he need to bring in a number of bodies, but most importantly McCaffery had a find a way to keep a very strong in-state class home.

In the summer of 2009 when watching a talented 15-and under Martin Bros. a then Iowa assistant coach turned to a few of his friends in the business and said, "I have to get those guys, it is my only job."

Of course he was talking about the trio of Marcus Paige, Adam Woodbury, and Mike Gesell. While it is unlikely that the assistant's, who never had a chance to see his efforts through following a coaching change, only responsibility was a trio of rising sophomores, the statement underscored the importance that those three prospects had to the future of Iowa basketball.

For McCaffery he has now gone two for three on landing the key prospects, and his only miss was Paige who seemed destined for North Carolina the moment he got offered by the Tar Heels.

The fact that he was able to land Gesell and Woodbury shows that McCaffery is committed to landing the best that the state has to offer on a yearly basis. While Gesell is technically from the state of Nebraska and not Iowa, he does play his AAU basketball for an Iowa based team, and literally lives right across the border from the Hawkeye State so he was engrained as much in Iowa culture as Nebraska culture.

Now Iowa has a class featuring two four-star prospects headlined by Woodbury who is the No. 47 prospect in the country. The last time Iowa landed a higher rated prospect was when Tyler Smith decided to come to the campus. Unfortunately for Iowa fans Smith would only spend one year at the school before transferring back closer to his home to be with his ailing father and played at the University of Tennessee.

With Woodbury now the Hawkeyes have a potential four year center and someone who will legitimize them in the minds of other recruits. Add in that he has a good friend and running mate in Gesell with him, and things are looking up for the Hawkeyes in the Big Ten.

Any time Iowa can beat out North Carolina for a recruit, even when they have the built in location advantage it is a big deal, and McCaffery did just that by landing Woodbury. Now that McCaffery is bringing in the horses, he is raising the bar of expectations in his program, but any coach will tell you that is a good problem to have.

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