Okafor is going strong

The nation's No. 2 ranked sophmore recently made a trip to the West Coast, and soon will be making another unofficial visit, this time to Ohio State.

As the No. 2 rated player in the class of 2014, Jahlil Okafor is definitely a highly sought after prospect. The 6-foot-9 and 265 pound center looks to be in the best shape of his life, and has colleges drooling over his potential. Now Okafor is taking trips while continuing to improve on his game.

This summer Okafor really cemented himself as one of the elite players in the class by suiting up for USA Basketball as well as his play on the AAU circuit.

"We had an opportunity to win a gold medal and that was a fantastic experience," said Okafor. "Then in July playing with the Mac Irvin Fire we went to Peach Jam and lost in the Elite Eight, but I got a lot of recognition from college coaches so it was a very good summer."

He continued about the USA Basketball experience, "It is very humbling to realize how many other great players have played for USA Basketball such as LeBron (James), Carmelo Anthony, and Dwyane Wade. It is just great to be doing the same thing they have done."

Schools such as Illinois, DePaul, Missouri, Arizona, Arkansas, Ohio State, and others have all offered Okafor, with Kansas State joining in the part over the weekend.

Last weekend Okafor took an unofficial visit to Arizona, and he summed it up very succinctly.

"I loved the trip," said Okafor. "Arizona was very good."

He then added, "I saw the campus and talked to the coaches. I found out that have had the most pros drafted into the NBA. It is something like 62 pros so that is amazing."

For Okafor his next visit will be closer to home. On October 1 he plans to go to Columbus, Ohio to check out Ohio State. Going into the visit Okafor has some high expectations.

"I am going to football game, and I have been hearing the football games are crazy," said Okafor. "I am just expecting a big time atmosphere."

For now Okafor isn't rushing into anything and instead is simply focused on getting better and improving in all areas of his game. This season he has huge expectations for himself and his Whitney Young high school team.

"The number one goal is to win a state championship, and I also want to see us ranked in the top 10," said Okafor.

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