Nike and ABCD Rankings

Here's a ranking of the 50 best prospects from the Nike and adidas ABCD camps combined, minus the east coast bias. As a result, some west coast kids are included here, and deservedly so...

Watching the Nike Camp and the adidas ABCD Camp from a west coast perspective, one thing is very evident: The mystical east coast bias is hard at work here. East coast players are simply over-hyped. It's been this way for as long as I can remember, and it was even moreso this year. Players from the west coast that, given a sense of what the talent level is nationally, we wouldn't normally consider top 100 national players, easily should be considered. Players like Armando Surratt, C.J. Watson and Ashanti Cook proved that they could easily hold their own against nationally ranked point guards, and for a better part of the time, looked superior. Chris Rodgers outclassed just about every guard at the Nike Camp, Evan Burns has probably the most talent in the country next to LeBron James, and even prospects like Brandon Bowman, David Paris and Richard Chaney played well against the midwest and east coast talent, primarily exposing the fact that players from other regions of the country are greatly over-hyped.

East coast scouts and writers have always approached me after being really taken by a player on the west coast, shocked that there was some "hidden gem" was on the west coast. And I'm realizing that it's a matter that, in comparison to the east coast players they're used to seeing more and over-hyping, they think the west coast kids are hidden gems – when in reality it's just a matter that the east coast players' talents are blown out of proportion.

So, here's a list of the top 50 prospects from both the Nike and adidas ABCD camps, provided with a little balance. This isn't to say that there is a west coast bias discounted in these rankings, but maybe a more realistic national perspective.

Also, a disclaimer: It was the first time I've seen many of the national kids. We at PWH always claim that it's difficult to judge talent by seeing them play in only one tournament. But once a year I do this with the Nike and adidas ABCD camps, so I violate my own general rule once a year.

  1. LeBron James, 6-7 JR SF, Akron (Ohio) St. Vincent-St. Mary
  2. Amare Stoudemire, 6-9 SR PF, Orlando (Flor.) Cypress Creek
  3. Lenny Cooke, 6-6 SR SF, Old Tappan (New Jersey) High
  4. Evan Burns, 6-7 SR SF, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fairfax
  5. Shavlik Randolph, 6-10 SR C, Raleigh (North Carolina) Broughton
  6. Chris Rodgers, 6-4 CG, Portland (Ore.) Wilson
  7. Sebastian Telfair, 5-10 SO PG, Brooklyn (New York) Lincoln
  8. Rashad McCants, 6-4 SR SG, New Hampton (New Hampshire) Prep
  9. Kendrick Perkins, 6-10 SR, Ozen (Tex.) Beaumont
  10. DeAngelo Collins, 6-9 SR PF, Inglewood (Calif.) High
  11. Raymond Felton, 6-1 SR PG, Latta (South Carolina) High
  12. Leon Powe 6-7 JR PF, Oakland (Calif.) Tech
  13. Sean May, 6-8 SR PF, Bloomington (Ind.) North
  14. Sheldon Williams, 6-8 SR PF, Midwest City (Okla.) High
  15. Daniel Horton, 6-1 SR PG, Cedarl Hill (Tex.) High
  16. Gerry McNamara, 6-1 SR PG, Scranton (Penn.) Bishop Hannan
  17. Torin Francis, 6-10 SR C, Marion (Mass.) Tabor Academy
  18. Michael Thompson, 6-10 SR C, New Lenox (Ill.) Providence
  19. Sean Dockery, 6-1 SR PG, Chicago (Ill.) Julian
  20. Antonio Lawrence, 6-3 SR SR SG, Jacksonville (Fla.) Andrew Jackson
  21. J.J. Redick, 6-4 SG, Roanoke (Virg.) Cave Spring
  22. Rashad Anderson, 6-5 SR SF, Lakeland (Fla.) Kathleen
  23. Chris Bosh, 6-9 SR PF, Dallas (Tex.) Lincoln
  24. Anthony Roberson, 6-1 SR PG, Saginaw (Mich.) High
  25. Travis Outlaw, 6-8 JR PF, Starkville (Miss.) High
  26. Alexander Johnson, 6-9 SR PF, Albany (Georg.) Dougherty
  27. Michael Williams, 6-8 SO PF, Camden (Ala.) Wilcox Central
  28. Paul Davis, 6-10 SR C, Rochester Hills (Mich.) Rochester
  29. Greg Brunner, 6-7 SR PF, Charles City (Iowa) High
  30. Kennedy Winston, 6-5 SR SG, Mobile (Ala.) Blount
  31. Yusuf Baker, 6-7 SR PF, Orlando (Fla.) Evans
  32. Ike Diogu, 6-9 SR C, Garland (Tex.) High
  33. Jason Fraser, 6-9 SR PF, Amityville (New York) High
  34. Matt Trannon, 6-7 SR PF, Flint (Mich.) Northern
  35. Maurice Ager, 6-3 SR SG, Soutfield (Mich.) Crockett Tech
  36. Antione Wright, 6-6 SR SF, Groton (Mass.) Lawrence Academy
  37. Wes Wilkinson, 6-8 SR PF, Grand Island (Neb.) High
  38. Brian Johnson, 6-8 SO PF, Alexandria (Virg.) Bishop O'Connell
  39. John Gilchrist, 6-1 SR PG, Virginia Beach (Virg.) Salem
  40. Nik Caner-Medley, 6-6 SR SF, Portland (Maine) Deering
  41. Ndudi Ebi, 6-8 SR PF, Houston (Tex.) Westbury Christian
  42. Kelenna Azubuike, 6-5 SR SF, Tulsa (Okla.) Victory Christian
  43. Hassan Adams, 6-4 SR SG, Los Angeles (Calif.) Westchester
  44. Dee Brown, 5-11 SR PG, Maywood (Ill.) Proviso East
  45. Sani Ibrahim, 6-9 SR C, Mouth of Wilson (Virg.) Oak Hill Academy
  46. Brandon Heath, 6-2 SR CG, Los Angeles (Calif.) Westchester
  47. Armando Surratt, 5-9 SR PG, Oakland (Calif.) Tech
  48. Marshall Strickland, 6-2 SR PG, Sykes (Maryland) South Carroll
  49. Deron Williams, 6-2 SR PG, The Colony (Tex.) High
  50. Jeff Horner, 6-2 SR PG, Mason City (Iowa) High

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