Adidas Superstar Showcase Report

BOCA RATON, Fla. – The Adidas Superstar Showcase hosted by Matt Ramker featured some of the best players in the Sunshine State. One player who clearly stood out was five-star forward Chris Walker, but some new names also emerged along the way.

Joel James, C – One of the biggest players at the event, James looked noticeably slimmer than he was at the end of the summer. For James he was absolutely to dominant when he got the ball in the paint, and proved to be an excellent rebounder as well. With his conditioning up to par, James looked very impressive in the short showing he had.

Staphon Blair, C – If James wasn't the biggest person there, Blair was. Not a very skilled big man, Blair can absolutely run the floor and crash the glass. He has one of the highest motors in the class, and just always brings his energy to the floor. Now he did hit a jumper, but that isn't what he really does. Still Blair did almost all of his work on the glass, both offensively and defensively.

Chris Walker, PF/SF – The top performer at the event was Walker. It is no surprise given his standing within the nation, but Walker is just so talented it is incredible. At 6-foot-9 he is such a fluid athlete and someone who can do virtually anything on the floor. He showed a better ability to handle the basketball at the event, and just was dominant when he wanted to be, even against high level competition. Right now for Walker the sky is the limit in terms of how good he could be.

Malik Price-Martin, PF – At times Price-Martin didn't have a huge impact on the game, but also he showed up with some impressive plays. He looks a bit bigger, though he still has the same quickness and athleticism that he has always possessed. For Price-Martin he needs to do a better job of bringing it all the time, but his tip dunk might have been the play of the entire event. Also he showed the unique skill at 6-foot-8 that makes him such a highly coveted prospect.

Dallas Moore, SG/PG – A big time shooter, Moore was making shots at a high level, but also the savvy combo guard did a little bit more than just shoot. He was getting to the rim some and showed a feel for how to make plays off the dribble. Not the most athletic or the biggest, Moore just proved to be a quality player and someone who can make some nice plays on the floor.

Amida Brimah, C – An athletic interior player, Brimah is just now figuring out how to play. He is very long, and specializes in blocking shots and running the floor. Right now Brimah is raw on the offensive end, and needs to add strength, but he has the ability to be somewhat of a game changer on the defensive end, and someone who has a lot of potential.

Jason Wilkinson, PF – Not a freak athlete or the most fluid player out there, Wilkinson is a strong body with decent skill down low. He will rebound at a high level, can score down low in the post, and also has good strength. He needs to continue to work on running the floor, but for a mid-level team Wilkinson definitely is someone who can do some good things.

Nura Zanna, PF – Probably only about 6-foot-6, but Zanna finds a way to be productive. He plays with a high motor and is a very athletic player. Zanna did a good job of finishing around the rim against taller players, and then also was very strong on the glass. Overall there is a lot to like about Zanna, and if he grows a little bit more his stock will really explode.

Jonathan Joseph, SF – One of the most athletic players at the camp, when playing against the younger competition Joseph dominated getting to the rim. Against the older prospects he didn't quite dominate, which is to be expected, but still showed off his impressive athletic skills. Right now Joseph is a two dribble guy, so he needs to tighten up his handle, but his athleticism and desire make him fun to watch.

Brandon Francis, SG – Now at Jacksonville (Fla.) Arlington Country Day, Francis was considered one of the top young talents in the Dominican Republic. He showed why at the event. Francis has a great feel for how to play. He is an excellent passer, and then also knows how to finish near the rim with his strength. Now Francis needs to continue to get into better shape, but he definitely has some tools to work with, and college coaches will be sure to make a stop and check him out during the high school season.

Jose Campo, PF/C – Like Francis, Campo is at Arlington Country Day, and is new to the country. A native of Columbia, Campo is a very long and lean interior player who is learning how to play. He has good athleticism, a feel for how to block shots, and shows some skill on the offensive end. Strength is a major growth area, as is a game when not facing the rim, but the upside is through the roof here, and he has time to develop.

Adonys Henriquez, SG/PG – Clearly one of the top younger prospects during the course of the two day event was Henriquez. He is an excellent passer, but also someone who can score either from beyond three or off the dribble. With solid quickness and a good idea of how to play, Henriquez will no doubt get high-major looks, and is a player who really could make an impact as his career goes along.

Lance Tejada, PG – A definite playmaker at the point guard position, Tejada proved his worth against older kids and then dominated against his age group. A very good passer with nice quickness, Tejada can get into the lane and makes things happen once he is there. Also Tejada is a capable scorer, and someone who did a good job of making open shots.

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