Farmar Close To Decision

Less than a year ago, Jordan Farmar was virtually unknown by college basketball coaches across the country. Now the 6-1 point guard may be ready to choose between Gonzaga, Arizona, Florida and UCLA...

Shortly after returning from an official visit to Florida, Jordan Farmar, 6-1 JR PG Woodland Hills (Calif.) Taft, told us that he could be getting ready to choose a school.

"I think I'm getting close to a decision," Farmar said. "I could be ready to decide by the end of this week."

We asked Farmar about his trip to Florida. It was great," said Farmar. "I loved everything about it. The facilities are amazing and I related to Coach Donovan. Being a point guard himself, I felt like he could relate to me."

Farmar went on to say, "The distance isn't really a factor. I talked with Anthony Roberson -- he came from Michigan and told me about his experience, how he just had to do what he felt was best for him and he never regretted the decision."

Farmar said he talked with several Gator players. "The other players told me about the atmosphere there, what it's like at the games," Farmar said. "They talked about how great the atmosphere is there."

Farmar had previously told us that he felt he would have the information necessary for a decision after his trip to Florida. He's now been to all four the schools he's considering -- Gonzaga, Arizona, Florida and UCLA.

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