Thinking About His Three

Matt Terwilliger has spent the past few weeks on various campuses. The big man is closing in on a decision and he'll pick from three schools.

Power forward Matt Terwilliger of Troy High Schools says there's no way he could decide on a college right now. "If had to tonight? I don't think I could," Terwilliger said. "I think I'd say hold on a second while I go to the bathroom and sneak out the window."

And that's where things stand with Terwilliger. He's down to three schools but he's not ready to narrow the field any further. Notre Dame, Cincinnati and Ohio State are the three schools battling it out.

In the last few weeks, Terwilliger has visited each school. We asked Terwilliger about each program.

NOTRE DAME: Obviously the basketball is good. Everybody is like a family and they're all friends. Coach Brey is a great guy and I like the staff."

CINCINNATI: "I know if I go there I'm going to be made by Coach Huggins to be as good as I can be."

OHIO STATE: "Probably they're like Notre Dame. It's a family atmosphere. I like the area and the campus and everything that goes with it."

Three different schools from three difference conferences but Terwilliger is only able to draw one conclusion so far from the process and it's that he can't come to a conclusion. "I've got all my visits done and I'm just going to take some time to look at all of them and think about it. It'll be done before July but it won't be done in a week."

Not to worry, Irish, Bearcat and Buckeye fans, Terwilliger has closed down the process. He said that he thinks it would be too late for someone to come in now and get involved.

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