Breakdown: Top 100 availables, Part A

In the first of this two story feature,'s basketball recruiting staff breaks down the recruitments of the best available prospects in the 2012 recruiting class. This installment breaks down the 16 highest rated uncommitted players.

Size: 6-5/207 |
Quick Take: The feeling surrounding this recruitment is that UCLA is the heavy leader until proven otherwise. Kentucky and UNLV are probably the main two competitors, while Duke is expected to get Muhammad on campus for an official visit. Texas A&M has received an official from Muhammad as well, while Kansas and USC are still trying to get him on campus. Regardless, UCLA is the team to beat. Look for this one to last until the spring.
Recruiting: UCLA, Kentucky, UNLV, Duke, Texas A&M, Kansas, USC

Size: 7-10/245 |
Quick Take: It is entering the homestretch of the McGary recruitment. It has been a heck of a battle for the five-star big man who has really risen up the charts this summer. Right now it is shaping up to be a battle between Duke and Michigan with the Wolverines holding the edge right before an anticipated announcement. Nothing is set in stone, but Michigan appears to be the team to beat.
Recruiting: Michigan, Duke, North Carolina, Florida, Maryland, Kentucky

Size: 7-0/220 |
Quick Take: The top 10 prospect is down to a pair of schools – Arizona and Kansas – and he seems as confused as ever. Both schools have done a great job with him and he truly seems torn between the two. He will take a visit to Kansas the weekend of October 15th and then will head to Tucson (Ariz.) the very next weekend. A decision should come from Tarczewski shortly after the two visits.
Recruiting: Arizona, Kansas

Size: 7-7/230 |
Quick Take: Anthony Bennett appears to be wide open. Bennett has college coaches and analysts confused and searching for more and more information. We do know that he sits at a list of 10 schools and according to Findlay Prep associate head coach Todd Simon he will hold off on making a decision until the spring.
Recruiting: Kentucky, Connecticut, West Virginia, Oregon, Pittsburgh, Florida, Missouri, UNLV, Ohio State and Washington.

Size: 7-8/280 |
Quick Take: Things have been very quiet in the Coleman camp recently, and an official visit to Kentucky is upcoming for their Big Blue Madness. Right now no one seems to have a great feel for this one, but in general it is considered a Syracuse and Kentucky battle with Ohio State also in the mix. Syracuse has the lure of home, but there is a thought process that indicates he wanted to go there he would already be committed. Overall this one is very interesting with no sure fire answer for what the decision will be.
Recruiting: Syracuse, Kentucky, Ohio State

Size: 6-4/190 |
Quick Take: The Kentucky Wildcats are coming on very strong in this recruitment. A late addition to the list, Kentucky now has as good a shot, if not the best shot at Harris. Purdue and Michigan State are also right there, with Indiana hoping to impress him on the upcoming visit. Schools are trying to get involved, Ohio State was recently at his school hoping to get back in the mix and gain the fifth and final official visit.
Recruiting: Kentucky, Michigan State, Purdue, Indiana

Size: 7-8/200 |
Quick Take: With just four schools remaining on Poythress' list a decision seems near. Kentucky is getting the most buzz with the five-star prospect right now and he will be at their midnight madness the weekend of October 15th. Florida, Vanderbilt and Memphis are also involved. The Gators had him on campus last weekend for an official and Vandy has been recruiting him longer than anyone.
Recruiting: Kentucky, Florida, Memphis, Vanderbilt

Size: 7-8/250 |
Quick Take: This one is getting fairly interesting. The general buzz is that the Arkansas Razorbacks are the team to beat. Arkansas has done a good job of making him a priority, though it would be completely unwise to count out the home city Memphis Tigers. Florida, Tennessee, Connecticut, and UCLA are also working hard in this recruitment, but right now the chatter seems to be about the Hawgs.
Recruiting: Arkansas, Memphis, Florida, Tennessee, UCLA, Connecticut

Size: 7-9/245 |
Quick Take: Rob Carter's recruitment has been a mystery to many. Since transferring to a high school in Georgia the nation's top post scorer has kept to himself. He has a handful of official visits set and after those his decision will be more clear. The schools closer to home have an advantage and many believe the Yellow Jackets have made a strong push for the five-star prospect.
Recruiting: Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Rhode Island, Kentucky

Size: 7-8/255 |
Quick Take: Tony Parker's recruitment is getting interesting. Nearly all the parties were in to see him this week. He took an official to Ohio State a few weeks ago and was at UCLA last weekend. He's scheduled to go to Duke the weekend of October 29th. To go with those three, Memphis has had him on campus a number of times for unofficial visits. Parker basically has his list at four, but guessing which one he likes most seems virtually impossible at this point.
Recruiting: Duke, Ohio State, UCLA, Memphis

Size: 7-8/200 |
Quick Take: Jefferson has gone completely underground in regards to his recruitment since he began taking visits. The general feeling is that this recruitment will take a while to complete, though without him talking it is tough to know. Maryland and Ohio State have received official visits and NC State will get one, so one has to think those three are seriously involved. Word is Kentucky is showing some interest and schools such as Villanova, Temple, and Georgetown have also been involved at different times.
Recruiting: Maryland, NC State, Ohio State, Villanova, Temple, Georgetown, West Virginia, Syracuse

Size: 7-7/195 |
Quick Take: Right now Pollard is playing football, so recruiting doesn't seem to be at the top of his mind, but there is no doubt he is still thinking about things. Georgetown remains a strong player, as does Mississippi State. Kentucky can't be discounted in the least, and schools such as Alabama and Duke have also been linked to Pollard in varying states. Still getting him out of Mississippi won't be easy, but also it isn't sounding like it will be impossible.
Recruiting: Mississippi State, Kentucky, Georgetown, Duke, Alabama, NC State

Size: 7-8/230 |
Quick Take: Earlier this week Warren, a 6-foot-8 swing man, confirmed that he was down to four schools. While all four schools are involved, the Heels and Pack seem to be getting a lot of buzz. N.C. State had him on campus last weekend and UNC welcomes him in for their midnight madness festivities in eight days. Georgetown recently had an in-home visit and are certainly involved, as are Billy Donovan and the Gators.
Recruiting: North Carolina, North Carolina State, Florida, Georgetown

Size: 7-8/235 |
Quick Take: Goodwin's first official visit is coming up. He will head to Memphis to hang out with Josh Pastner and company the weekend of October 15th. The Tigers are well positioned, but UCLA has made him a priority and Ben Howland was in to see him this week. Goodwin is also contemplating playing football in college and that could hinder him making an early decision. In fact, a decision isn't expected from him until his high school football season is over.
Recruiting: Memphis, UCLA, Florida, Georgia, Arizona

Size: 7-11/210 |
Quick Take: Publicly Cauley is saying that all the schools remaining on his list are even, but behind the scenes all the talk has centered around Kentucky. The Wildcats have seemingly emerged as the team to beat going into his Big Blue Madness visit. Florida, Alabama, and Kansas State are also in the picture, but at this point they all seem to have some ground to make up.
Recruiting: Kentucky, Kansas State, Alabama, Florida

Size: 6-3/210 |
Quick Take: Recently Georgetown had an in-home visit with the Rivera family, and they remain a very strong presence in the recruitment. The other school getting the most talk has been Louisville where he will visit next weekend. Beyond those two, NC State is firmly in the picture, and Memphis will get the final visit. Both Michigan State and Xavier have fallen off. Right now a fall decision is to be considered 50/50 at absolute best, so expect a few twists and turns before the final decision.
Recruiting: Georgetown, Louisville, Memphis, N.C. State

*Evan Daniels, Brian Snow and Josh Gershon contributed to this story

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