2015 Intro: Aaron Holiday

The Holiday family has had a lot of recent success in high school, college and the NBA, and there's another brother who is looking to add to Jrue and Justin's legacies.

North Hollywood (Calif.) Campbell Hall enjoyed a lot of success last decade, much of which was thanks to Justin Holiday, who went on to be a successful basketball player at Washington, and younger brother Jrue Holiday, who had a one-year stint at UCLA and is now a rising star in the NBA.

Campbell Hall has received a major reinforcement in Jrue and Justin's younger brother, Aaron Holiday.

The 5-foot-10, 160-pound 2015 guard has the athleticism, shooting and scoring ability to be considered a high level prospect at this stage and Campbell Hall head coach Steve Wachs knows he's going to rely on the freshman right away.

"Because he's so physically developed, he's able to play at a high level right away," Wachs said. "He covers as much ground with one dribble as I've seen any player, ever. Physically he's in an extremely good place. He also shoots the ball well."

Fair or not, throughout his career, Aaron will be consistently compared to Jrue, and Wachs feels there are a lot of similarities at this point.

"I didn't coach Jrue at the same age but I'd say it's very similar because physically they're the same person," Wachs said. "Their bodies are similar and they look similar. I'd say they're neck and neck."

At 5-foot-10 and a scorer, the question is whether to develop Holiday as a shooting guard to play to his strengths, or help his longterm potential by making him a point guard.

Wachs plans on doing both.

"He's a guard," he said. "He needs to be able to handle it, pass it, shoot it and direct traffic as well as defend. That's what he's going to do for us. Certainly he's going to play a lot of point guard, but he's also going to play shooting guard as well."

Despite being so talented for a freshman, Wachs knows that Holiday has plenty of improvements to make on his game.

"There's things he needs to work on at the high school level that he's been able to get by with his whole life," Wachs said. "Because he's always been so much stronger, he can get by any defender until now.

"Now he's got to use a retreat dribble, so he's learning how to do that. He's also learning how to play defense off the ball, which is much tougher at the high school level than it was in junior high school obviously."

Pac-12 schools Arizona, Arizona State, California, USC and Washington have all stopped by Campbell Hall to watch Holiday work out, and Louisville has been in the gym as well. USC has already offered Holiday a scholarship.

Despite the early attention, don't expect to hear much Holiday's recruitment for the foreseeable future.

"He has no interest in recruiting right now," Wachs said. "College is just not on his mind. He just got to high school and I think he wants to enjoy his four years.

"Jrue had to sacrifice a lot; he never got to do a lot of stuff with his friends and the parents want Aaron to have time to be a kid. He's taking advantage of that and that's what the family would prefer.

"Obviously they're allowed to show up in gyms, but they can't contact the kid, although they can call me. We think that's the best thing, just to have a quiet presence, that's what the family wants."

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