Jones returns from Tobacco Road

Matt Jones, a 2013 prospect, took in Duke and North Carolina this weekend. caught up with him to get the scoop on his trips.

Five-star prospect Matt Jones made a trip to Tobacco Road this weekend and spent time at Duke and North Carolina.

Jones' trip began at Duke for their midnight madness festivities on Friday. He took in the event, spent time with the players and met with Mike Krzyzewski

"I basically just hung out with the players and watched them practice and just really scoped out the atmosphere," Jones told "I really liked the fan support. Everybody down there loves Duke in Durham."

During the visit, Jones,'s No. 23 overall prospect in the 2013 class, noticed the fan support and the attention the players get.

"The players are just like heroes to them and just to see all theses grown-ups and kids look up to them, that just really impressed me," he said. "The impact Coach K has on people down there, it was crazy. It was fun."

So what was his favorite part about the Duke visit?

"Probably eating with Coach K and talking to him face to face," Jones replied.

"It was my first time to talk to him and just hang out," he added. "It was cool. It was real cool. I was a little nervous, I'm not going to lie. But I had to do it, and it was a blast."

During Jones' meeting with Krzyzewski, the legendary Duke coach mapped out exactly how he thought Jones could fit into their offense.

"Coach K made it known that they were going to lose Seth Curry, Andre Dawkins and most likely Austin Rivers by the time I get there and they will need to rebuild with shooters and guards that can score," Jones said.

"He basically implied that he was recruiting me to fight for minutes and be a scorer that they need on the perimeter," he said. "He was just telling me that Duke was the right fit for me and he showed me how he was going to use me by showing me clips of JJ Reddick and how he came off screens and how he fit in the system."

After spending all day Friday and the first part of Saturday at Duke, Jones slid over to Chapel Hill to see North Carolina's campus.

"It wasn't much," Jones said of the length of his brief trip. "I just got there and I basically talked to coach Roy for a little bit. We talked. We didn't talk long. He had dinner with his three other official visits. But we just talked."

"I toured the campus with one of the assistant coaches and then we went to eat and that was about it," the 6-foot-4 guard added.

Among the things that stood out about his visit to UNC, was how nicely kept up the facilities were.

"North Carolina is high tech," Jones said. "It's so high tech. Everything they had is nice. The locker rooms, the facilities and just the court. The court is crazy. I didn't think it was that big."

"I just thought about all the history and the tradition on that court," Jones added. "That's the court that M.J. played on and other people that were before his time. It was just fun to see all the history behind it."

Much like Krzyzewski, Roy Williams showed Jones just how the Tar Heels planned to use him if they were able to gain his services.

"Coach Roy made it flat out known that he was recruiting me to come in and score," Jones said. "He said they are going to be losing key guys and they are going to need scoring on the wing."

"He said my he liked my ability to shoot and that he could use me," he continued. "He compared me to Wayne Ellington and little bit when he told me how he would use me in the system. They were just telling me about the tradition and they just said to give them a chance to recruit me."

UNC began recruiting Jones, slightly later than some of the other high majors programs on his list, Jones said he noticed that, but that it wasn't "important."

"Duke was there and they came in way before North Carolina," he said. "It affects it a tad, but not to where it's that important. Of course I think about it though."

Jones said at this point he hasn't developed a favorite, but said after he visits Kansas he may have a clearer idea of what direction he wants to go.

"If I go to Kansas on the 29th, then maybe I can start [developing favorites], but not right now," Jones said.

The No. 5 shooting guard in the 2013 class also is considering Arizona, Baylor, Indiana, Memphis, Oklahoma, Texas and Texas A&M.

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