Gary Harris Visit Journal: Part II

Five-star shooting guard Gary Harris continued his official visit tour with a trip to Indiana. The No. 12 ranked prospect in the country is documenting all of his official visits for with a journal following each trip. In his own words Harris chronicles his visit, his recruitment, and what is happening next.

Friday was Senior Night, my parents were honored before the game and they walked out with me on the track. The game ended up being a blowout; we ended up winning 52-0. I had two touchdowns and 189 yards which broke the school record for receiving yards, and that was pretty cool.

We pulled the starters midway through the third quarter, so I didn't play after that. Still I was happy to support my teammates who were in the game and playing very well. It was a great way to end my regular season at home.

On Saturday morning we had film at eight in the morning watching the previous night's game. We also watched tape of (West Lafayette) Harrison, who we play in the first round of the playoffs this week. It is win or go home, so we are trying to make sure we continue our season and play the best we can.

After watching tape my family and I drove to Bloomington and I got there around 1:30. The team had just started practice so I got to watch practice. They went hard for a long time. The guys were working hard and pushing themselves. Coach (Tom) Crean and the other members of the coaching staff were really pushing the guys and helping them to get better. I think they could have a real good team this year.

Following practice we talked to the academic advisors about how they schedule hours, how they handle study hall, and how they breakdown the classes. We spoke for about a half an hour, and then we came back and met up with the coaches in the coach's office before going out to dinner.

Austin Etherington and Cody Zeller then joined myself, Yogi (Kevin Ferrell), Peter Jurkin, and the coaches at Yogi's. When we walked in everyone was staring, especially at Cody and Peter since they are so tall. We had a good dinner and had a good time. We hung out, talked, and watched the football games, it was a lot of fun to just relax and talk.

After we got done eating we checked into the hotel. At the same time the coaches and players got ready for Hoosier Hysteria. My family and I got to Assembly Hall at like seven o'clock and when we walked in we got a warm welcome of course.

When we walked in they started chanting my name. That was pretty cool to have so many people doing that. During the event I got to sit next to IU commitments Collin Hartman, Devin Davis, and Yogi who I have all known for years, so that was a good time.

We watched the girl's team practice for a little bit, watched the guys for a while and that was a fun experience. The crowd was chanting my name a couple of times, but one of the highlights was seeing Victor Oladipo and the other guys singing and dancing to Usher, that was real entertaining.

After the end of the scrimmage and everything the players signed autographs while all of us recruits hung out in a recruiting area watching football and just hanging out and playing video games. We just all had a good time socializing.

I then spent the night with Austin (Etherington), Yogi, and Victor to see what the campus is like. We had a good time and then I came back.

To finish out the visit we went to breakfast at Uptown Café with Coach Calbert Cheaney, Coach Bennie Seltzer, and Coach Crean. It was a real nice breakfast. My parents and I had a good time talking with the coaches, and then we headed back to Cook Hall.

There we talked to the coaching staff and the assistant dean about all the different majors I could possibly take. I am interested in sports management so they told me about all of those fields, and about all the classes they have to offer.

After meeting with the dean, we had one final talk with Coach Cheaney and Coach Crean, and then we headed home. Overall it was a very nice visit. I think the IU coaches, players, and fans all showed me a great time.

Both the Purdue and Indiana visits were excellent, but they were different. At Purdue I was at a football game with 60,000 people and they had a lot of fan support. At IU with it being at Assembly Hall with 16,000 people it seemed that the fans came together that night to provide a real positive energy for the team. Both visits were great it was tough to compare them because they were so different, but both coaching staffs did an excellent job.

Up next I have my official visit to Kentucky. I am looking forward to going down there and getting a feel for the school. I have never been down there so it will be a learning experience. I want to see what they have to offer and compare them to the other schools, and just see where they stand.

After Kentucky I have my visit to Michigan State. I have a great relationship with the whole Michigan State coaching staff, and I am really looking forward to visiting there. I have a good relationship with some of the guys already on the team, so I think it should be fun to get up there and see what they have to offer.

Following the visit to Michigan State I know I will really have to break things down and see which school I am going to attend.

As everybody knows recently Ohio State Head Coach Thad Matta came in to see me at my school. We had a good talk, but by the time they came in to see me I had already narrowed down my list to four choices, and I still have that same group of four schools. Ohio State is a great school and they have great coaches, but I still have the four schools I am interested in and will visit.

I feel like right now everybody is trying to get the inside scoop and to know where I am going or when I am going to make my decision, so it is kind of building up and people are getting anxious. Right now people are all trying to talk like they know. I just think it is interesting because people all think they know where I am going, but I honestly don't know where I am going.

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