2013 Intro: Dave Winfield, Jr.

In a West Coast 2013 class currently low on centers, Dave Winfield, Jr. gives hope for some depth at the position. Here's an introduction to the emerging player.

The 2013 class is in serious need of centers out west, but there's hope at North Hollywood (Calif.) Harvard-Westlake.

6-foot-9, 260-pound 2013 center Dave Winfield, Jr. has grown five to six inches over the past two years according to Harvard-Westlake head coach Greg Hilliard.

The result of the constant growing is a tall, athletic center with a strong frame that is raw, but has the chance to be a very good player down the road.

"His knees are in constant growing pains," Hilliard said. "It's a day to day thing. Some days he can't go."

The son of Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield, one of the best all-around athletes in United States history, Winfield has bloodlines in his favor and is consistently making progress on the court.

"He's growing every day," Hilliard said. "Because he's starting at a level of inexperience, the improvement is at a 45 degree angle. He's improving faster than the rest of the guys.

"He's like a sponge and every day he picks up something. He sees other people do things and he picks up on it and he always listens to the coaches."

Hilliard is happy with the improvement that Winfield is making and is anxious for the knee pain to subside so he can get consistent playing time on the court.

"He's got huge upside," he said. "Obviously when you have the size to go with the coordination he has, most big guys are like that are projects who take a year or two to find their feet. He's already found his feet and has good hands. It's just a matter of playing in games."

At this point there hasn't been any recruiting attention, but Hilliard expects that to change once more coaches see Winfield in action.

"All the coaches who have come into see Zena (Edosomwan) and Josh (Hearlihy) always make a comment, asking about what year he is and how tall is he really," Hilliard said. "Once he gets some experience, I think coaches will definitely take notice."

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