Gary Harris Visit Journal: Part III

Five-star shooting guard Gary Harris continued his official visit tour with a trip to Kentucky. The No. 12 ranked prospect in the country is documenting all of his official visits for with a journal following each trip. In his own words Harris chronicles his visit, his recruitment, and what is happening next.

We had our first playoff game against Lafayette Harrison this past Friday. It was cold, but it wasn't too bad. We ended up getting a good win 49-0. It was a good team win that I think really got our momentum going in the playoffs. Personally I had a couple of catches and I had one touchdown. I didn't play too much in the second half. I was just happy to continue our season and get the win and advance to play another game.

The next morning my mom and I drove to Lexington for our official visit to Kentucky. My dad had to stay back in Indianapolis for my brother's football game. When my mom and I got down there we met with the coaches and met with Coach (John) Calipari. The team was doing two-a-days so they were just relaxing.

I got to hang out with Amile Jefferson who was down there as well. Amile and I have played at some camps together, and he is a real good guy. We hung out and got to know each other better during the day.

Later on my mom and I were with Coach Orlando Antigua and we talked to the academic advisor and the plan they have for the students and what classes they offer and the classes I would be taking. After that we headed over to the Joe Craft Center and got to look around the facilities. I saw the training room, the locker room, and weight room. All of that was very impressive.

After touring the facilities we watched the team practice. It was their second practice of the day so they were doing all offensive stuff. It was almost a two hour practice. It wasn't a long practice, but they went hard the entire time. Coach Calipari really pushes the players to make sure they are getting better and not taking any plays off.

Following practice they had a team meeting and then I waited for the coaches and players to get ready before heading over to dinner. We had dinner with the coaching staff, Amile, Marquis Teague, and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Marquis was my host and Michael was Amile's host. It was a good meal, the steak we had was real good, and after that we went back to the hotel and hung out with the players.

The next morning we had breakfast, my dad was able to make it down so he had breakfast with my mom, my brother Trey, and the coaches. After that we headed down to the Craft Center to watch the morning practice.

They also had a coaching clinic that day, so there were like 300 coaches in the gym. During practice they went real hard. They didn't go long, but they definitely went hard. Coach Calipari ended the practice with a question and answer session for the coaches who were in attendance.

After practice we had lunch and talked with Coach Calipari and the other coaches. We toured the campus before we left, and got to see all the different areas. Then the coaches had to leave for their second practice. We stayed saw a little bit of the practice before we left back home to take my other brother to football practice.

One question that always seems to get asked with Kentucky is how I would fit in with Archie Goodwin if I were to go there. After watching them practice they run a free flowing offense with a lot of versatile players. The one, two, and three can all bring the ball up at any time and can all switch. It is just an offense with a lot of freedom so I think it could be easy to work out.

Overall this visit was different than the others I have taken because it was my first time on Kentucky's campus. I didn't know what to expect going down there. Myself, my family, and Coach Calipari are starting to build a good relationship with each other.

They are building the new Wildcat Lodge which will be real impressive when it is finished. All of the players were real cool and got along. It felt like a big family. Also on this visit I got to meet the school president who spoke highly of Coach Calipari, the program, and what coach does for all of his players. It was just a good experience going down there.

Up next for me in two weeks is my official visit to Michigan State. I am looking forward to getting back up to East Lansing. I have been up there several times in the past. I am close with the coaching staff. Coach (Tom) Izzo, Coach (D.J.) Stephens, and Coach (Mike) Garland have been talking to me for a while, and I am just getting to know Coach (Dane) Fife and. I am just looking forward to seeing them practice and spending time with the players before I make my decision.

With Purdue and Indiana both of those visits went very well. We scheduled those visits first and I am talking to the coaches from each of those schools, and they keep on me about how they want me to become a part of their program. They have made it impossible for me to forget what it was like on those visits, and the good time they showed me on the official visits.

Finally it is just starting to get crazy for me. It just seems like time has flown by. I am getting anxious knowing that I only have one visit left. Everything seemed so far away for so long, but now my decision is right here. I have three officials down and one more to go, and after that I know I will be ready to make my decision and choose a college and be done with this process.

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