Sparks Finds Decision Is Tough

Patrick Sparks doesn't sound like he's been able to come to a conclusion with his recruitment. The former Western Kentucky guard has been busy with visits, but slow to conclude the process.

It's not any easier the second time around for Western Kentucky sophomore guard Patrick Sparks. "It's really hard to decide. I'm looking at everything and trying to make the right decision for me. It's not getting any easier the longer it goes."

Sparks has been busy visiting schools this spring. He's been to Oklahoma State and Kentucky officially. He tripped to Louisville on his own dime. Kansas, Ohio State and Georgia remain in the mix.

Surely it would be hard for an in-state kid to say no to an in-state school, right? "I don't know," Sparks said. "There's a lot of different factors to look at. Louisville has a lot of young great guards. They're recruiting more out of high school.

"Kentucky doesn't even have a scholarship so I'm looking at that too."

The Wildcats and Sparks are in limbo. "As of right now, I'd have to pay for a year. But, they're still talking about that. To be honest, I don't know if I would do that. I've been on scholarship and I plan to stay on scholarship." And he deserves a scholarship.

Kansas, Notre Dame and Ohio State are in the mix. Sparks indicated that he would like to visit Kansas but no visit to KU has been set up to date.

"Ohio State and Notre Dame are trying to get in hard. So is Georgia with Coach Felton and I might end up going down there. Auburn was in the first time around and they're in now."

"It's a hard decision but it's not going to be a bad decision."

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