One final visit for Lucas

Portland (Ore.) Westview center Landen Lucas had a last minute change of plans, as he is heading off to Lawrence today for an impromptu official visit to Kansas before making his final college choice.

Portland (Ore.) Westview center Landen Lucas' original plan was to take official visits to each of his top four schools, weigh the pros and cons of each upon returning, and then make a decision.

As many know, things don't always go as planned when it comes to recruiting. After concluding visits to Tennessee, California, Stanford and Washington, Lucas and his family decided to make a change and stretch his list of options from four to five.

"They had called me a couple weeks ago, and we were thinking about whether we should or not," Lucas says in regards to Kansas' last minute attempt to get the big man on campus. "I think the final decision was that it was at least something we wanted to check out."

"I talked to Self for a while last night and it was a good conversation. He just kind of made the beginning of the pitch to me about how he sees me fitting in and stuff. I figured it was enough to fly out there and check it out."

And fly out there he will. Lucas is off to Kansas today to check out one last program before making his ultimate choice, a decision he says will likely be made on the plane ride home.

What was said in Kansas' pitch to get the big man on campus?

"They had been waiting for Kaleb (Tarczewski)," Lucas reports. "I guess the story is that he had told him he was going there, so he was having a lot of guys wait. I had gone up there before; they were in my top seven, so there was a previous relationship with them."

"Once Kaleb went to Arizona, they explained that they still needed a big in the program to come in and contribute, so he feels that I could do that for them; with Kansas, that's appealing to anybody."

Lawrence will be home to Lucas' fifth and final official visit.

The center visited Seattle this past weekend, where the Huskies seemed to have left a good impression.

"It was a good one," Lucas says of the visit. "I had a great time with the team. There were a couple guys from Portland, Coach Romar is a great guy, and I think that's also a team that is in need of a big. They have one in Aziz N'Diaye, but he's going to be a senior so there's a great opportunity there. The fan support was crazy for the exhibition game; it was pretty much sold out."

Several of Lucas' favorite schools are located in Pac-12 territory, though the senior claims he will not pass up an opportunity simply because of distance from home.

"Location is a factor until you come up on a school like Kansas," he explains. "I think if it's a good fit far away, I'm willing to do it. Tennessee is in my top also. If you have a good relationship with the people there and the team there, I feel like it can be your home away from home."

What would Lucas have to see at Kansas to deem Lawrence his new home away from home?

"Going into most schools, I knew what I wanted to see," he recalls. "Going into Kansas, I really don't know. I think I'm just going to go in there with open eyes and open ears and just hear what they have to say. I'm just going to go in there and see what happens."

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