Pump Camp First Session:The Underclassmen

The first session of the Pump's West Coast All Star Camp featured a number of Division One prospects. Here's a rundown on some the underclassmen who stood out in the camp, including Tron Smith, Justin Hawkins and Antonio Porch.

Here are our impressions on some of the underclassmen at the first session of the West Coast All Star Camp.


Tron Smith, 6-1 PG Moreno Valley (Calif.) Canyon Springs. We've watched Tron play several times and this was the most impressive series of performances we've seen from him. Good size and strength, explosive leaping ability and a much improved jump shot. He knocked down six straight jumpers off the dribble in one game we saw. Needs to learn how to get everyone involved (when he penetrates, he's taking it to the rack), but a solid mid major prospect and possibly higher.

Justin Hawkins, 6-6 SF Lakewood (Calif.) Mayfair. Justin is still recovering from a wrist injury he suffered recently, but he played anyway and demonstrated why he'll be one of the better wing prospects in California next year. He's very skinny, but with long arms and good hops. Effective slasher with a decent stroke out to fifteen feet (although his release is a bit low).

Antonio Porch, 6-6 SF Denver (Col.) Denver East. Long and slender, Porch has a chance to be a high major player. He's got a nice stroke, slashes well and he's effective around the basket. He needs to improve his handle, get bigger and stronger, and play with a little more intensity, but he has a chance to be among the top wings in the west next year.

Jason Goodman, 6-7 SF Redondo Beach (Calif.) Redondo Union. We hadn't seen Jason for over a year and he's grown in that time. He looked a little rusty as he didn't play this past year, but he's got very good ball skills for a kid his size and a good feel for the game. Needs to work on his shot, but an interesting prospect.

Terrell Powell, 5-11 PG Los Angeles Fremont. Very quick little PG with a nice handle. Moves really well laterally and can apply terrific defensive pressure when he puts his mind to it. His outside shot is just decent at this point, and he needs to improve his decision-making, but he could end up a mid major prospect.

Rafik Henderson, 5-10 PG San Diego (Calif.) Horizon. Fairly skilled PG who needs to add strength. Nice feel and can shoot it out to three-point range.

Lorenzo Wade, 6-5 SF Las Vegas (Nev.) Undecided. Listed as a PG on the roster, but he's really a wing. Nice body, long arms and good athleticism. Skill level isn't there yet, but has the raw materials to turn into a player.

Jordan White, 6-6 PF Edmonds (Wash.) High. A very big wide body (listed at 250, but I think that's conservative) who moves surprisingly well and has some skills. However, I'm guessing he's a big time football prospect -- with his feet and size, I would assume he's a helluva offensive lineman.

Jermaine Johnson, 6-5 PF Hacienda Heights (Calif.) Wilson. Not as big as White, but another wide body who can really move and jumps well. Undersized at 6-5, but an interesting prospect nonetheless.

Ramond White, 6-4 PF Las Vegas (Nev.) Green Valley. Another undersized post player. Good athlete, well put together and plays hard. Showed some quick and explosive moves inside the paint.


Andrew Strait, 6-7 PF Yakima (Wash.) West Valley. Strait has a good frame, nice hands and he competes well. Did a good job defensively and he's effective around the basket. A good young post prospect.

Jacob Bower, 6-4 PG Meridian (ID) High. Jacob missed part of the camp, so we only got to see him briefly. Doesn't look like a PG at first glance, as he's big and thick, but he's got skills and a feel for the game. We'll take another look in Vegas at the Big Time.


Andre McGee, 5-8 PG Moreno Valley (Calif.) Mountain View. The only question on Andre is whether he grows or not (with long arms, it looks like he will). Very advanced skills for a kid his age. Shoots the ball from his chest, but he doesn't miss many and he's got ridiculous range.

Brian McTear, 5-9 PG Los Angeles Crenshaw. Another very skilled little point guard. He's skinny, but he also has long arms and looks like he'll get bigger. He can shoot it and also has terrific vision.

A.J. "Adam" McCormick, 6-3 SF Madera (Calif.) High. A good-looking kid with a nice frame and some skills. He's still growing into his body (looks like he'll get bigger). A prospect to watch.

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