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Here are more D-1 propects that caught our eye at the Rumble in the Bay tourney this last weekend, including some juniors that we hadn't seen before like James Hughes...

Here are more evaluations from the Rumble In The Bay.

A Note: The reports from this tournament are not comprehensive. There were players that participated that we didn't get the chance to see. But these are the ones that stood out among the ones we did see. 

Cornell Littlejohn, 6-0 JR PG Fairfield (Calif.) Vanden. We only saw Littlejohn play briefly in this event, but the attributes that make him a high major prospect haven't changed in the last couple weeks. Very quick, handles it, good vision/passing ability, very good shooter (with a quick release), long body that's only going to get better. Ranks among the elite point guard prospects in the west.

Brian Anderson, 6-8 JR PF, Lamar (Col.) High. Anderson was fairly impressive. Physically, he still has quite a ways to go,  pretty thin, not weighing more than 200 pounds. He needs to improve his strength, getting pushed around sometimes in the paint, especially his lower body strength. But Anderson has skills that are fairly uncommon for a big man in the 2004 class. Namely, he has some solid, go-to post moves, with an array of nice turn-around jumpers, jump hooks, and even little scoop moves with his left hand. He also can step out on a limited basis, face up and hit the jumper. Anderson combines this with some good athleticism, able to get off his feet fairly quickly, with decent hops. Mid to high-major.

James Hughes, 6-3 JR SG Corona (Calif.) Centennial. Very long, slender, baby-faced wing who seems to glide around the court. With absolutely huge feet, you wouldn't be surprised if he hit a growth spurt. Very effective slasher - gets to the basket with ease. Unorthodox shot but makes a decent percentage. Looks like he's just starting to figure out how good he could be. Probable mid major prospect, but upside is significant.

Daniel Flemming, 6-7 JR PF Murrietta Valley (Calif.) High. Fairly long, with a good frame and moves very well. Nice feel for the game. Solid outside shot. Competes well. Needs to finish a little better inside. Mid major prospect with a chance to go higher.

Andrew Green, 6-6 JR C Perris (Calif.) High. Nimble wide-body with nice hands. Good rebounding range when motivated (needs to be more consistent in effort). In better shape than he was a year ago, but could still improve his body. Mid major prospect.

Ramone Wellington, 6-2 JR SG Vallejo (Calif.) Jesse Bethel. Big, strong guard with broad shoulders and better quicks than you'd think. Handles it well enough that he may play point guard down the road. Decisions need work, tends to get out of control and jumps in the air too often. Very good competitor - worked hard on defense. Stroke looked decent. Needs to settle down a bit, but has potential. Mid major prospect.

Devan Evans, 6-7 JR PF Las Vegas (Nev.) Chapparal. Great body with very good feet and hands. Didn't get a chance to show much skill level, but made several nice catches in transition and a couple plays when he put it on the floor. Mid major prospect.

Tim Pierce, 6-6 JR SF Oakland (Calif.) Fremont. Nice frame and a pretty good athlete. Jumps well, but not great laterally (plays upright too much). Good outside shooter when given time and space - but settles for threes too often. Handle is average, defense needs improvement. Needs to work on playing within a team concept - approach to the game needs to be overhauled. Mid major prospect if he figures some things out.

Patrick Mitchell, 6-0 JR PG, El Cerrito (Calif.) High. Physically Mitchell is a great-ooking prospect, and he has good handle, court sense and passing ability.  His outside shot is still developing, but while it is the shot goes in.  A low to mid-major.

Kory Sperry, 6-5 JR SF, Pueblo (Col.) Pueblo County.  A great athlete at 6-5 and 210 pounds, he's getting recruiting as a quarterback/tight end in football.  Pretty athletic, with good hops, which he uses to block shots well, Sperry has just a decent outside shot, but puts the ball on the floor pretty well and has good instincts, but is still developing his ability to use those instincts for good decisions.  Probably a low to mid-major.

Ceylon Taylor, 6-1 JR PG San Jose (Calif.) Pioneer. Quick and lean. Can get his own shot – more scorer than distributor. Solid ball handler and passer. Mid major prospect.

Michael Boone, 7-0 JR C, Loma Linda (Calif.) Loma Linda Academy.  You just don't see too many 7-footers walking around so you have to pay attention to Boone, and once you do, you start to notice that he has a chance.  He's got an incredible wing span - when he reaches when patroling the paint it seems like he's covering half the court.  He also has a good feel for the game, knows how it flows and the object of the offense.  He also knows what he should do with the ball when he gets it, he's just still developing pulling that off.  He doesn't get off the floor much, but at 7-0 really doesn't have to, and maybe as he matures his lateral movement will improve. But it's promising that he runs well. In other words, there's enough there that low to mid-majors should definitely be checking out Boone.

Andre McGee, 5-10 SO PG, Moreno Valley (Calif.) Canyon Springs.  He didn't have a great tournament, but still has some immense talent. As he gets older, hopefully he'll expand his game, and start getting teammates involved, and learn how to create for them.  If he does, he has a chance to be one of the best in the 2005 class.  

Jonathan Gibson, 5-11 SO PG, West Covina (Calif.) High.  We've seen Gibson before and were impressed by his speed and quickness. The kid can really move up the court, and has a great burst in the half-court.  This tournament he showed that his skills are improving, displaying a nice-looking outside jumper and playing under control. If he continues to improve, with his unusual quickness, Gibson has a chance to be a very good point guard prospect in the 2005 class. 

Ike Okoye, 6-7 SO PF, Roseville (Calif.) Woodcreek.  Young and coltish, Okoye has a great body for a sophomore, with a good frame, muscular but thin, looking like he could definitely put on more muscle.  He showed some good athleticism and a flash of some skills - hitting a couple of jumpers - and a desire to play hard.  Definitely a young kid to watch.

Jeffrey Pendergraph, 6-7 SO PF Etiwanda (Calif.) High. Shows all the signs of being a very good player down the road. Long, good hands, moves very well and not afraid to mix it up inside. Skills are still coming, but a potential mid to high major player eventually.

Larry Gurganious, 6-5 SO SG Berkeley (Calif.) St. Mary's. Great body – strong – has some explosiveness. Competes very well – potentially a very good defender. Shot just okay at this point, but if it comes then he could end up a high major prospect.

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