UCLA offers Edosomwan

Previously thought to have narrowed his list down to four, Zena Edosomwan suddenly has another option in UCLA. What kind of chance do the Bruins have?

One of the top unsigned seniors nationally is 6-foot-8, 225-pound North Hollywood (Calif.) Harvard-Westlake power forward Zena Edosomwan.

Even though Edosomwan had long planned to make a fall decision, the 2012 prospect just wasn't ready to make a commitment, according to Harvard-Westlake head coach Greg Hilliard.

"He's torn between the big scholarship schools like California, USC and Texas and the opportunity to go to Harvard, which is something our school values and a lot of our kids go there. He just needed more time to figure it out," Hilliard said.

Edosomwan missed Saturday's game against Pacific Hills in order to take the SAT, aiming to cement his chances of getting into Harvard.

"He took the SAT today and he wants to get his score high enough so Harvard is fine with it," Hilliard said. "He's very, very close if not there and he just wants to make sure he has all his options, and then he'll make a decision."

If Edosomwan were to achieve a high enough score on his SAT to guarantee entrance into Harvard, would he commit there?

"It's hard to say," Hilliard said. "One day when he's talking and you're reading between the lines it sounds like he wants to go there because he'd like to be a doctor and he wants to go to their medical school someday. But other days playing in front of big crowds and nice facilities are important to him. It's tough."

Although Harvard, California, USC and Texas are the main schools on Edosomwan's list, there are others vying for the four-star prospect, including a local program.

"UCLA just offered," said Hilliard. "UCLA, UConn, Maryland and Gonzaga have come in after not getting guys they wanted as their number one target at that position. There are going to be a lot of those kinds of offers and Zena is going to have to decide if they fit in enough to bump somebody out of his top four or he's set."

While Edosomwan is happy with the UCLA offer, he has some questions he hopes to get answered.

"He wants to find out more," said Hilliard. "He wants to find out why now and not before, what they now see him as and why they're so interested. He has to figure a little more out. He's flattered that they're finally in it and probably wonders why they weren't in it a little earlier."

Hilliard said that just because some schools have been in the recruitment much longer, doesn't necessarily mean that Edosomwan shouldn't consider anyone who comes in later.

"We're trying to talk to him about that stuff not being the whole deal," he said. "They might have been on him because they couldn't go after the top two guys UCLA was going after, the two kids from Georgia. It doesn't necessarily mean they love you less, just because they came late.

"You're as loved as the guys who loved you from the start. It should be about the school and what he's trying to get out of a school and if these guys fit in any better than the options he's had."

There is no set timetable on Edosomwan's recruitment, although Hilliard is hopeful it will end before the season is over.

"I would think he would know by February or so, I'm hopeful of that, but he certainly could wait the whole time," he said. "All of the schools have told him they'll wait as long as he needs to decide so he has that option."

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