Pangos Camp, Day Two

CYPRESS, Calif. – Dion Dowell was among the standout performers the second day of the Pangos Camp. From Dorell Wright to Mohamed Tangara, we fill you in on all the action.

Pangos All-American Camp, Day Two

2004 Checklist

Dion Dowell, SF: He was probably the most consistent performer of the day. Dowell scored on 3s, baseline jumpers, tip ins, you name it. In addition to the offense, Dowell was blocking shots and being aggressive on defense. The future Longhorn had quite a day.

Dorell Wright, SG: His presence created sort of a buzz as he participated in the afternoon session before heading out for the prom. Wright is the toughest guy here to guard and showed off superior athleticism. The 6-7 wing had some problems with turnovers but his body control and offensive package make him an elite level guy.

Arron Afflalo, SG: The future Bruin is probably just scratching the surface. He might not have been ecstatic with his play but the potential oozes from his long, athletic frame. With range past the arc and a good head on his shoulders, you can't help but be impressed.

Jawann McClellan, SG: We thought his 22-point effort in the morning was good, but his final game of the day was even better. In the nightcap, McClellan scored 24 points and banged a pair of consecutive 3s from about 24 feet out. Despite the deadly long-range touch, he's got one of the best mid-range games in the class. When he rebounds he's even better.

Mohamed Tangara, PF: There might not be another big man in the class with the thirst for learning that Tangara possesses. He's a maximum effort guy who realizes that rebounding is his top asset. However, he's soaking up all he can from the coaches about offensive play and his game in the evening was evidence of just how coachable he is. He even hit a few face-ups and turnaround jumpers.

Aaron Agnew, C: He's lost about 30 pounds and he's looking good. For starters, there aren't five better passers at his position in this class. He's great at reading the double-team and finding the open man. Drop it to him in the paint and he's shooting a layup. He's a work in progress, but he's made the conditioning commitment and it's showing in his play.

Matt Sargeant, SG: We mention him here because he strokes it. Sargeant roams around the perimeter, picks his spot and makes 3s. He's a mid-major player with a great touch from the outside.

2005 Checklist

Joe Darger, SF: He's from Utah and he's a player. Darger has a sweet stroke and an aptitude for the game. He's always around the ball and has one of the best hoops IQs here.

Rashad Austin, PF: Sure, he's a bit undersized but he's accomplished much during the weekend. He's scored in the paint, guarded bigger kids well and blocked some shots. He's improving each time out.

Brian Harvey, SG: He's got a great body and does one thing extremely well: the guy is a marksman from deep.

2006 Checklist

Christian Polk, SG: Looks to be the best freshman at the camp. Polk did it again today from a number of spots on the court and his natural ability to score and play on offense is a gift.

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