Novak Decision Expected Wednesday

Steve Novak has done it. He's got everyone stumped. He'll announce his college choice on Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET. Nobody really knows what he's going to do. Reports are that a winner will come from Marquette, Illinois and Florida.

We'll Know On Wednesday

Congratulations, Steve Novak. In an era where information is king, Novak isn't giving out much and when he steps up and makes his announcement at a 2 PM press conference ET, virtually everyone close to the situation will be hearing the news for the first time.

Calls to the Novak household went unanswered, but we have been led to believe that the announcement is set for Wednesday. The finalists? Again, based on what we've been able to determine, are Marquette, Illinois and Florida. As far as well can tell, the lid is on until the announcement.

We've polled our sources and the best guess right now seems to be Marquette. Reportedly, Tom Crean was present at his games last weekend and we aren't sure anyone else was in the house. If that's the case, it could be a positive sign for Marquette.

Anyway, we should now Wednesday afternoon and kudos to the Novak posse for doing a nice job keeping everyone in suspense. We can truly appreciate how difficult it is to keep a lid on things. Remember how tough it was to call the pick of Julius Hodge? Everyone was kept in the dark. That was kind of fun. A little stressful for those involved, but fun in a suspenseful kind of way.

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