Louisville gets good start to big class

The class of 2013 is an important one for the Louisville Cardinals, and Anton Gill gets it started off right.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at the depth chart for the Louisville Cardinals and figure out that the class of 2013 is a very important one to the program. The Cardinals will be replacing no less than four outgoing seniors, and as many as six prospects overall depending on early departures.

With that, Louisville knew that they had to hit the ground running in the 2013 class, and on Wednesday evening they got good news when Anton Gill of Raleigh (NC) Ravenscroft School issued his commitment to Rick Pitino and his staff.

Gill isn't necessarily a program changing or program building recruit, but he is the type of four-year building block piece that every team needs to be successful. As the No. 54 ranked prospect in the 2013 class, Gill entertained offers from schools such as Florida State, Xavier, Wake Forest, Miami, North Carolina State, South Carolina, and several others.

In the end though it was Louisville that won out, and now the Cardinals have their first solid piece to a very important class.

Where Gill seems to fit well is as an instant offense type of player who provides the ability to be versatile and fit in with the way the Cardinals play. Currently Louisville brings 6-foot guard Russ Smith off the bench and he fills in giving them good minutes.

Smith, who can play either guard slot, is used in the press as someone who is active pressuring full court and gives the Cardinals a secondary ball handler, a proven shooter, and a player asked to give maximum energy and effort.

Gill can provide all of those things, just Gill is a little bit bigger, more well rounded offensively, and will be able to guard all three perimeter positions instead of just two.

With Gill in the fold adding versatility to the backcourt, Louisville will now look to plug the holes in their frontcourt that will no doubt be there in 2013 with the graduation of guys who provide depth and minutes.

Prospects such as Malik Price-Martin, Derek Willis, Dominc Woodson (a Louisville native), Jarrell Martin, Jermaine Lawrence, BeeJay Anya all are squarely on the Cardinals radar moving forward, and all could combine with Gill to provide a heck of a class.

While Gill doesn't have the flash of a top five-star recruit, and might not be the most explosive player in the country, he does give the Cardinals an excellent start to what has to be a big recruiting class for them.

Gill loved what he saw from Louisville on his unofficial visit, and now the question is who will Rick Pitino and his staff reel in to complement him as they look to reload this team that currently finds itself in the top five in the country.

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