Visits upcoming for Lyle

Maturing on and off the court, JaQuan Lyle is off to a strong start this season, and now more and more recruiting attention is coming his way.

As one of the most talented prospects in the 2014 class, Jaquan Lyle has been under the microscope. Sometimes criticized for his attitude on the floor, now a sophomore, Lyle has made major growth in that area to go with impressing with his play.

"JaQuan is a young man who I think a lot of people have pre conceived notions of," said Evansville Bosse High School coach Shane Burkhart. "He wears his emotions on his sleeve, but he is not a bad teammate at all. He is a great teammate who is a pass first guy, and for as offensively talented as he is you don't really see that very often."

One area where Burkhart is most impressed with Lyle's growth is off the floor.

"He is really, really getting after it in the classroom and he is becoming a great young man," said Burkhart. "What a lot of people don't realize is he was 14 years old until sectionals last year. He honestly could be a freshman this year. It is a tough maturation, but he is doing a good job of getting back to playing the way we want him to play."

With offers from schools such as Indiana, Illinois, Purdue, Ohio State, Xavier, Memphis, Marquette, and many others, Lyle is as hot a commodity in his class as any player.

Most recently he made a visit to Louisville, and Burkhart says Lyle was quite impressed with his first trip to the Yum Center.

"It is a beautiful place," Burkhart explained. "When you can talk to Coach (Rick) Pitino it makes an impression, and it made a big impression on JaQuan. JaQuan is an extremely intelligent kid, so he takes everything in when he goes to a school."

Up next for Lyle is a trip to Michigan State. At this point the Spartans haven't offered, but they have been impressed with how he has matured.

"Coach (Tom) Izzo talks about the fact that JaQuan is extremely talented but he wants to see him grow up and how he grows up," said Burkhart. "I think talking to Coach (Dane) Fife that they are happy where he is at right now."

According to Burkhart after Lyle's visit to Michigan State on December 28, he plans to make a return trip to Louisville on December 31. At the moment those are the only two scheduled trips, though others are being worked out.

For now though Burkhart says that Lyle isn't close to a decision, and is simply taking in all the recruiting attention.

"Right now he has zero worries about where he is going to school," said Burkhart.

What Lyle is focused on is getting better on and off the floor, and Burkhart says that is clearly coming.

"His phone is always ringing, and a lot of people don't understand what exactly JaQuan has had to deal with up to this point in his life," Burkhart explained. "At times it has to be tough love and a shoulder to cry on, but he is a kid with a great heart."

He continued, "I love telling the story where on Father's Day he was the first one, including my family, that called me and wished me a happy Father's Day. That is who the young man is."

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