Hardy Won't Leave The State

We didn't think it would happen this quickly, but every now and then you get surprised. On Wednesday, James Hardy's decision because public.

The Indiana Hoosiers aren't messing around. There were rumblings that the Hoosiers weren't doing enough recruiting in their own backyard. Well, Mike Davis has answered the critics with his two most recent moves.

On Wednesday, word began leaking out that James Hardy committed to Indiana. In doing so, he joins Robert Vaden who committed at the end of last month.

Surprised that it happened so quickly? We were. We thought this would be a guy destined to go through the summer and deal with his recruitment later. Apparently, the Hoosiers worked him real hard. "I think he can be a pro," said Eric Vaughan, Blessed IJN's head coach. "Under Mike Davis' system, I think he can go in and flourish just like Bracey Wright did."

As we said, the commitment gives the Hoosiers a pair in 2004 and maybe more importantly, a pair of in-staters. "I think for the state of Indiana it's big. The state loves its basketball. It's big for him to stay at home."

Hardy can really shoot it. He's deadly from 3-point range. But, before he gets to IU, expect him to continue working on his body. "The things he's doing now are working out hard, lifting and getting stronger," Vaughan said. "He's improved his body every year. He'll continue to work on his shot. People don't realize that James is a Big Ten football player too. He had 9 touchdowns last year on a team that hadn't won a game in five years."

When we last spoke to Hardy – at the Tournament of Champions – he was considering Florida State, Kentucky, Miami, UConn and DePaul.

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