Bluiett raising his game

An excellent sophomore season has Trevon Bluiett attracting more and more attention from college coaches.

Many schools in the Midwest look to the city of Indianapolis to help them stock their roster. It is no different in the 2014 class where Trevon Bluiett is attracting a lot of attention. The 6-foot-5 forward has numerous offers, and is having an excellent sophomore season.

"It's been pretty good," said Bluiett of his year. "This is my second year of being a big man rebounding and scoring. Still I have been shooting it more from the outside and on the perimeter."

A big reason why Bluiett has stepped up his game is because of the improvement he has made in his strength and conditioning. Not an explosive athlete, Bluiett is working hard to be in the best shape he can be, and it has paid dividends on the floor.

"Three times a week I go to my local gym and do pull ups and pushups," Bluiett explained of his improvement. "I do that faithfully and I also started eating right."

Coaches have noticed that, and now Bluiett has offers from Butler, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, Virginia, and Xavier.

Even with those offers, he says he is in no hurry to make any kind of decision.

"I am not worried about my recruitment right now," said Bluiett. "I still talk to coaches and everything, but I don't have any visits set up."

He continued, "I just want to get my first two years of high school out of the way, and I want to experience more. If I wait longer more offers will come and I will have more options, but I am not worried about it."

Even though he is not focused on his recruitment, Bluiett does indicate that three teams have done an excellent job so far.

"This year I have been watching and Xavier, Illinois, and Indiana with their big wins have been sticking out," Bluiett explained.

Along with watching teams play, Bluiett says he and his family also want to get a feel for the way teams practice and how they get along off the floor.

"Whenever you get an offer you want to go to their practice and see how the coach coaches his team," said Bluiett. "Also I look for brotherhood on and off the court and intensity in practice and during the games."

While the current focus isn't on a decision, Bluiett says that one probably will come by the end of the summer.

"Probably AAU season either the beginning or the end is when I plan to make my decision," he said.

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