Wideman has strong interest

Sophomore Tyler Wideman is having a strong season and now several schools are working to get him back on campus.

Most of the attention at Saint John (Ind.) Lake Central High School goes to Glenn Robinson. However sophomore big man Tyler Wideman has also had a solid season. The 6-foot-7 interior prospect has put up some big numbers this year and has significant interest from colleges.

"I think I have been doing alright, but I can do better," said Wideman of his season. "I need to play a little bit harder, but overall it has been a good season so far."

Wideman has put himself into better shape, and he has noticed that it is allowing him to improve several parts of his game.

"I think I got better at running the floor and I am more athletic now since I am in better shape," said Wideman.

Currently Purdue, Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State, and Xavier are the five schools showing Wideman the most attention. He was hoping to recently make it to Michigan State for their game against Indiana, but that wasn't able to happen.

Still Wideman remains high on the Spartans, and they continue to show him serious attention.

"They have just been telling me to keep working hard and that they like the improvement I have made," said Wideman. "I think East Lansing is a real nice college town that has a family atmosphere so I like them."

The Spartans in-state rival Michigan has also been very active recruiting Wideman. Michigan has a commitment from Robinson, and they are telling Wideman he would fit in well with what they are doing in Ann Arbor.

"When I talk to them they just talk about how with the way they spread their offense I would have a lot of room to work down on the post," explained Wideman. "If I run the floor hard I know I would get catches and stuff like that."

Earlier in the year Wideman visited Xavier for the start of their practice, and he has been impressed with what he saw and what they have been telling him.

"It's the big sport on campus because they don't have a football team," said Wideman of Xavier. "The basketball team gets everything and their arena is like an NBA arena almost, and it is a great environment right on the middle of the campus."

For now Wideman is focused on the high school season and on his team which has some lofty goals the rest of the way.

"We are just looking to win sectionals, regionals, and get to state," said Wideman. "We need to play a little bit better the rest of the way, but we should be good down the stretch."

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