Top Performers: Cancer Research Classic

The Cancer Research Classic in Wheeling, WV was a great six game event, and players such as Jahlil Okafor all stepped up and showed why they are elite.

Size: 7-8/255 |
Quick Take: Clearly in the best shape he has ever been in, Anya is now dominant on the floor. He is scoring around the rim, using more explosion to finish over defenders, is running the floor better, and also is blocking shots. Anya used his size and strength to dominate on the block, and quite simply there was nothing that could be done to slow him down.
Recruiting: Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Georgetown, Maryland, Syracuse, Ohio State, Indiana, Villanova
Size: 7-7/215 |
Quick Take: By Parker's standards he was only average. However average for Parker is still good enough to be better than almost anyone else at the event. Parker showed his excellent ability to defend, great passing, and of course big time athleticism. He also scored enough to be help his team, while at the same time making sure to get others involved.
Recruiting: Duke, Illinois, Michigan State, Ohio State, North Carolina, Kansas, Washington, Texas A&M, Kentucky, Louisville, Connecticut
Size: 7-11/260 |
Quick Take: Okafor's team didn't get the win and he wore down some in the second half, but the sophomore was an absolute beast on the low block. A center who knows what he is, Okafor posts hard for deep position, finishes around the rim, and uses his strong hands to snatch every rebound. A man amongst boys at times, Okafor might be the best low post player in the entire country.
Recruiting: Illinois, Ohio State, Michigan State, Duke, North Carolina, Northwestern, Kansas, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisville
Size: 7-6/205 |
Quick Take: Johnson showed his ability to play both on the interior and the perimeter. The lefty made a couple of threes, slashed off the dribble, and scored off of rebounds the rim. With good size and athleticism, Johnson looks to be playing the best basketball of his career and has a bright future ahead of him now that he is giving consistent effort to go along with his supreme talent.
Recruiting: Signed with Colorado
Size: 6-5/235 |
Quick Take: A big bodied, but slightly undersized forward, Jenkins proved to be a matchup problem. He did an admirable job of guarding Okafor on the defensive end, then was impossible to guard on offense with his combination of skill and strength. A good shooter, excellent passer, and high IQ player, Jenkins provides issues for defenses, and he put that on full display with 21 points and seven rebounds.
Recruiting: Xavier, Penn State, Miami (Fla), St. Joeseph's, Temple, George Washington, Richmond, Seton Hall, Rutgers
Size: 6-0/165 |
Quick Take: Sina got off to a bit of a slow start, but then the very talented point guard took over. An excellent shooter, Sina got hot from three knocking in shots, and then also had the quickness and ability to get by his defender and make a play in the lane. Sina has a ton of ability, and he showed it on a big stage.
Recruiting: Alabama, Virginia, Rutgers, Georgetown, Clemson, Cincinnati, St. John's, Miami, Syracuse, Penn State

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