Parker still looking at options

The recruitment is still wide open for the nation's No. 1 prospect Jabari Parker.

Jabari Parker is not only the No. 1 player in the 2013 class, but the No. 1 player in the country period in high school basketball. The Chicago (IL) Simeon High School forward however is one of the most focused and humble kids around, and that is why so many coaches are flying in to see him play.

Simeon might be the best team in all of high school basketball, and with that they have put together a challenging schedule. After a close hard fought win at the Cancer Research Classic, Parker was happy but knows there is a lot of work to be done.

"It's been very good getting all the attention, but it is also very hard because everybody is targeting you and wants to go out and beat you because you are No. 1 in the country," said Parker.

He continued, "We are playing very good. As a team we have a lot to improve on, but everything is fine. I see a lot of improvement in our team."

For Parker keep his team at No. 1 in the nation is something that is very important.

"The main goal is trying to win a national championship," said Parker. "Only one other team in Chicago has won that, Chicago King. It would mean a lot to win the national championship to not only represent ourselves, but the city of Chicago as well."

While Parker wants his team to finish No. 1, he is also working on protecting his own top ranking. Even with the media, scouts, and coaches telling him how great he is on the floor, Parker knows he has to continue to put in the same hard work.

"I just stay grounded," Parker explained. "At the end of the day there is someone better than me, so I can't look at myself as being the best or better than anybody else. With hard work I know I can accomplish big things."

With head coaches from schools such as Duke, North Carolina, Michigan State, Kansas, Washington, Ohio State, Illinois, and many others all flying in to see Parker, he knows there is some pressure to produce, but it isn't something that bothers him or he gets caught up with.

"It's not really a lot of pressure," Parker explained. "They come to my games and the camps so I am used to it. I know if I have a bad game that most likely they are still going to recruit me, so you can't pressure yourself."

For Parker his list was initially at five, but since got expanded. Now he says a lot of schools still are in the thick of the race.

"It's probably a million schools on the list," Parker explained. "I am going to make sure to look at every school because you never know what will happen tomorrow. I just want to look at everybody."

For Parker don't expect any kind of quick decision. He still wants to make more unofficial visits and likely official trips before coming to a decision. The nation's No. 1 player is in no hurry, and every head coach knows they have to recruit him until the end to land this commitment.

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