Lavine Gets National Attention

Bothell (Wash.) point guard Zach Lavine has collected offers from most of the Pac-12, and is now starting to get some more national attention as his junior year continues...

Bothell (Wash.) point guard Zach Lavine, who has already become one of the most highly coveted point guard prospects on the West Coast for 2013, is starting to get a longer look by programs across the nation.

"I just got an offer from Louisville, so I'm pretty excited for that," Lavine said. "They're the first Big East school that's offered me. I've also gotten interest from Texas and interest from Baylor, but no offers just yet.

"I also have an offer from everyone in the Pac-12, except for Stanford, Oregon, Arizona State, and Utah. So it's going pretty good."

Back in the fall, Lavine had UCLA as the prohibitive favorite in his recruitment, but that was prior to a greater deluge of offers. Now, he's taking a longer view and lists simply a group of favorites, with no leader at this time.

"I've got UCLA, Washington, Arizona, Louisville, and then probably Gonzage and either Washington State or USC," Lavine said. "But it's not really in order or anything. I like all of them right now."

Although UCLA's struggles this season have coincided with Lavine cooling on the Bruins, he said that the Bruins' success on the court has very little to do with his decision making process.

"I've watched them a little," Lavine said. "They started out struggling a little, but now they're getting it together. The wins and losses have nothing to do with me. Wherever I go, I'm going there in two years, so the wins and losses right now really don't have any effect on me."

While there was talk that Lavine might commit early to the Bruins last fall, he now thinks that his decision is going to take at least until the end of the AAU season next summer, and possibly until the beginning of his senior high school season. He does plan to take some unofficial visits this summer at least before he makes a decision.

When he does make that decision, Lavine said there are a number of factors that are going to play into the decision.

"I'm looking at the play style," Lavine said. "And how it's going to be when I get there, what other recruits are coming in with me. And just, I guess you could say what my family likes."

In terms of playing style, Lavine is looking for a system that emphasizes guard play and plays up tempo with a lot of ball pressure.

Although his family is going to play a role in his decision, he doesn't think moving away from home will be a tremendous hardship.

"I feel like I'm pretty good moving away from home," Lavine said. "My family is going to come up and support me where I go. They're not going to move with me, but they'll stay with me for a little bit. So location isn't a big factor."

Lavine said he's been growing, and estimated that he's about 6-3 now. The four star also reports a 2.8 GPA.

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