Tracking Down Palacios

Missing Tello Palacios? Wondering where the big fella has been the past two months? Well, look no more. We've got an update for you.

Tello Palacios had a big junior year. Not only did he improve his game, but he also shed some pounds and made himself more mobile and a better player on the perimeter. All things were pointing toward a huge summer for him. But, as it turns out, he won't even be in the country much this July.

During the season, Palacios' right knee began hurting. He's been diagnosed with a tendonitis in the knee. He's been told to stay off the knee for four more weeks. But, he won't be out much this summer largely due to the fact he returning to his native Colombia to visit his family.

Palacios will attend the NBA Players Camp but he won't be playing. He's purely a spectator for that one.

"I won't be going to ABCD or Nike," Palacios said. "I hurt myself during the season. That's when the pain started. We played a lot of games. In the middle of the season I was hurt so I never played 100%."

From a recruiting perspective, Palacios is basically an open book. Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, Valparaiso, St. John's, Marquette and Louisville are worthy mentions. But, keep in mind, he's not in a hurry to do anything, won't take any visits in the near future. "It's easier to say [the schools] that aren't recruiting me."

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