2014 has quantity and quality

What makes the class of 2014 so impressive is the depth of extremely talented players that it possesses.

A lot of attention goes to the top of the 2013 class and rightfully so. With players such as Jabari Parker and Nerlens Noel, many assume 2013 is the next great class in high school basketball. That might be true, but it is also very possible that 2014 will be better.

What makes 2014 potentially special as a class is the depth of high level talent at the top. While the class of 2013 has 3-5 guys who are really, really special, once you get past that top group of players there is a big drop off. That is not the case in 2014.

At the top is Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins deserves everything that gets written about him. The Canadian native is simply a superstar. He has the size, athleticism, and skill to be making money for a long time playing basketball, and has clearly asserted himself at the top of the list.

While nothing is set in stone, and Wiggins will have to keep working in order to keep his spot, right now he is a clear and decisive No. 1 in the class. No player is really in the discussion other than Wiggins for the top spot.

With that said, right after Wiggins is what makes this class potentially special.

Top five talents such as Jahlil Okafor, Tyus Jones, Noah Vonleh, and Dakari Johnson all bring a lot to the table. Okafor and Johnson are legitimate centers who have big time ability. Okafor especially could be the best low block scorer in all of high school basketball. Jones could be the best pure floor general in the country regardless of class, and Vonleh is a multi dimensional player in the frontcourt.

Still there isn't a great drop off between those top five talents and the guys who follow them. Emmanuel Mudiay has as much natural ability as any point guard, Trey Lyles is an inside-outside power forward who is as productive as nearly any player, and Cliff Alexander is a true center with athleticism, length, and a desire to play inside.

That is just cracking the beginning of the talented depth that 2014 has as a group. The top 10 is loaded, but the next 15 also have serious star potential. Usually at this point in time in a class's development, it is tough to find 25 worthy players of ranking.

Instead with the class of 2014 you are leaving a couple of guys off at the end of the list that you wish you could include.

Now of course improvement will need to be shown, and kids will have to keep working hard in order to reach their ceilings, but at least at this early stage as a group, 2014 is shaping up to be a special one in this country. It might not have the true superstars right at the top that 2013 does, but the depth of high quality players could turn out to be something to remember.

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