Aaron making most of sophomore year

Shaqquan Aaron hasn't been able to compete on the court this season, but it hasn't prevented schools from continuing to highly pursue him.

Despite having to sit out his sophomore season due to transfer rules, 6-foot-8, 170-pound Los Angeles-area small forward Shaqquan Aaron is making the most of his time away from competition.

Aaron will end up at a school to be determined for his junior year, but until then he'll continue to focus on his game.

"He's working out daily with my husband - his father - who has a background in basketball and has helped teach Shaqquan to get to where he is today," said Shaqquan's mother, Madinah Aaron.

"It's unfortunate that he's ineligible but the season is almost over and I tell Shaqquan all the time to just take it as he's injured and he'll be on the court again soon."

Despite not playing, schools haven't slowed down their recruitment of Aaron.

"UCLA, Arizona, St. John's, UConn and UNLV have offered," Madinah said. "We were at UNLV for their game against New Mexico. He'll be at Arizona this weekend. We're setting up an unofficial visit to UConn and he's already visited UCLA. Syracuse is also recruiting him. We're going to take it one trip at a time."

Shaqquan's mother is pleased that attention for her son remains high even though he hasn't been playing in front of coaches.

"He's still being highly recruited and he's still on the USA National team," she said. "I know where Shaqquan is in terms of his skill level. We're pleased that he's having so much early attention as a sophomore. He's taking visits now that some kids have to take when they're seniors."

Right now Aaron's priority is choosing a high school, so a timetable for a college decision is up in the air.

"I would probably say he'll decide sometime during his senior year," Madinah said. "We have other priorities right now obviously with high school and travel teams coming first. He's looking for the type of offense that fits in best for him. He wants to get up and down the court.

"We're not at that point right now but sometimes it's good to commit early because then you don't have to worry about that so much but at this time we're still trying to decide what would be the best fit for him."

This summer, Aaron will play for the Oakland Soldiers and he's looking forward to his new AAU team.

"Shaqquan wanted to try it and we're behind it," Madinah said. "Shaqquan is just excited to play. There are a lot of options out there with travel teams and he's excited about the upcoming summer."

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