2014 Intro: Johnathon Wilkins

This year has been a learning experience for Johnathon Wilkins, and for the 6-foot-10 post player the future looks bright.

At La Porte (Ind.) La Lumiere there is a very talented frontcourt crew. Two players are headed to the Big Ten and another to New Mexico, but the fourth post in their rotation is one to really watch. That is 2014 prospect Johnathon Wilkins.

Wilkins is a legit 6-foot-10 and moves his feet very well. The son of a former NBA player who has spent some time in Europe, Wilkins is just now coming into his own as a player.

"My dad has old friends here who know Coach (Alan) Huss and he wanted me to be at La Lumiere, so I just took the flight, came over, and now I am here," said Wilkins of his road to La Lumiere. "My mom and my sister live in Belgium, my dad lives here in Gary, Indiana, and my brother plays at Illinois State."

Despite getting limited minutes, Wilkins feels that learning from and playing against Hanner Perea, Jay Simpson, and Obij Aget has been a great experience for him this year.

"I am getting a lot better because of Jay, Hanner, and Big O," said Wilkins. "They are all very talented and they make me better, and I just try to compete every day against them."

Though Huss hasn't had a chance to give him big minutes, the La Lumiere coach that Wilkins is someone who is on the verge of being a big time player.

"I think he is going to be dominant a year from now. Every other day he is better in practice than any of our other guys," said Huss. "His whole thing is to get stronger and to play with a better base. He can stand straight up and down at times, but he is going to be really good."

With legit size, high level athleticism, and developing skill, Huss is very excited for what Wilkins can bring in the future.

"He is like Hanner and Obij athletically, maybe not quite Hanner, and he has good hands and good touch," Huss noted. "John has an NBA set of tools because he is a legit 6-foot-10, he can run, he can shoot, and he has legit basketball feel that we never had to teach him."

For now Wilkins is just trying to improve and is focused on himself getting better as opposed to the big minutes that will be coming his way next high school year.

"I am trying to improve my strength," said Wilkins. "I am working on going into the paint on every possession, and also my shooting facing the rim."

Recruiting wise schools are making sure to do their homework. Dayton, Xavier, Indiana, Purdue, and Illinois have all dispatched coaches to check him out in games, and many others have contacted the school to show interest.

Look for things to really pick up soon once everybody has a chance to see him play on the spring AAU circuit and going through next high school season.

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